Monday, February 2, 2015

REVIEW: Fitness Favorites FitPrime Live G-Force 3 & 4

Fitness Favorites presents digitally remastered FIRM, FitPrime, & KickButt favorites, some for the first time EVER on dvd!  Stay tuned for detailed reviews of more awesome Fitness Favorite dvds and below is my review of FitPrime Live G-Force 3 and 4, now available on DVD.  Read my reviews below of these two fab workouts on two DVDs in one convenient case.

FitPrime Live G-Force 3 
Anna Benson, 2014

Anna leads this 49 min rebounding, weights, pilates, & yoga workout in a live class with a lace backdrop. You will need dumbbells, a weighted ball,  a tall box, and a rebounder. 

The quick warmup includes some jogging, jacks, and hip twists on the rebounder, then weighted warrior lunges, rows, plank to low hover, up & down dog holds, interspersed stretches with & without the dowel, a fun seated ball work series that targets the core, one legged bouncing, seated overhead tri work, low squat hold & pulse, split stance lunge holds adding row, kneeling free fall to rebounder & pushing back up, squats, and dowel balance hold. The last 25 min is pilates & yoga work: down dog to the box, 3 leg dog to the box, twists, one leg bridge to modified shoulder stand, roll up to V hold & back, shoulder stand with bicycle legs, and concludes with a corpse pose. 

There are definitely some advanced yoga poses in this workout but overall it is an intermediate level. Anna is very quirky and is obviously having a good time instructing. The workout contains a little bit of a lot of things so its good for a day when you are looking for variety. I received this DVD to review. 

FitPrime Live G-Force 4 
Carissa Foster, Tracie Long, Cindy Thorp, Eleanor Washburn, 2014

The master instructors lead this 51 minute rebounding, floor cardio & weights workout in a live class setting. You will need your rebounder, a tall box, a weighted ball, and dumbbells for this workout. 

After a warmup and very long stretch you move into a slow bounce series building on with adding arms & tempo variations, weighted split plie's off the rebounder adding bi curls, hi knee jog adding clean & press arms, lat rows, balance French press, military press, leg press, hover squats, double jacks, a med ball floor cardio routine, jumps, lat raise, rear delt fly, and concludes with a pilates inspired core sequence, stretch and cool down. Pilates work includes plank, down dog, bird god, rolling like a ball, leg drops, single leg stretch, bicycle,  and side lying leg raises.

I rate this an intermediate routine. It is mostly strength with just a few rebounding segments. You can easily modify the intensity up or down or omit equipment to make this workout work for you. Great instruction and easy choreo make this a great routine for exercisers of any level. Love the live class feel, including some technical difficulties with the mike - makes you feel like you are right there with your FIRM gals. I received this DVD to review. 

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