Tuesday, March 10, 2015

REVIEW: Anchor Bay Fitness Presents Element Belly Dance DVD

Element: Belly Dance
Jacqui Lalita, 2014

This DVD contains three 14-23 minute routines. Jacqui leads these routines alone in front of the Pacific Ocean with plenty of gorgeous green scenery. You wont need any equipment for these routines & Jacqui works out barefoot. The workout is voiceover.

Belly Dance Foundations: (14 min) This routine teaches you the moves you will use in the other 2 routines: torso circle, big hip circles, umi circles, figure 8, undulations, hip drops, hip twists and Egyptian basic. Jacqui adds arm movements, tempo changes, and adds the moves together to keep this interesting while learning the basics.

Belly Dance Burn: (20 min) after a quick warm up exercises include hip shifts, hip shakes, large & small hip circles, Egyptian basic, shimmy, hip drops, drum solo shimmies, and a cool down. Jacqui combines the moves into mini routines and keeps you moving in this fast paced section.

Slow & Sensual Belly Dance Toning: (23 min) Exercises include shoulder rolls, large hip circles, hand circles, hip circle side shifts, figure 8 hips, upper torso circles, full body figure 8s, side hip circles, undulations, hip sways, omi hip movements, Jacqui really hits the core in this routine, adds lots of arm movements and creates mini routines as you go. 

These routines are intermediate in terms of choreography & beginner in terms of intensity. Jacqui is a mellow down to earth instructor that is obviously very knowledgeable about belly dance. Fun routines and a great new way to work your core. I received this DVD to review. 

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