Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review: EVOLUTION20 by Christine Bullock: Phase 2 Workouts

 Christine's EVOLUTION20 system contains ten workouts on two DVDs.  The workouts are structured in this system to provide peak results in only 20 minutes a day. Get in, get out & git fit with EVOLUTION20. Disc one is phase one and disc two is phase two- build up to the workouts on level two, though level one still provides challenging workouts that will shred fat & get you the lean physique you want. Read below for a detailed review of each of the five workouts in Phase 2.  

EVOLUTION20 Phase 2 
Christine Bullock, 2015

This DVD contains five 20 minute workouts. Christine works out with 2 backgrounders, both showing varying intensities and Christine working out at somewhere in between. You will not need any equipment for these workouts. The set is a nice open brick style gym. Each workout contains a quick warm up & cool down.

Agility: Christine starts this workout alone and 2 backgrounders join her at the end to perform the cardio routine a few times. Christine teaches each exercise and then builds it into a short routine. Exercises include jogging, scissor jumps & pulses, fast box step, plie jacks, low knee shifts, knee pulls, pivot & down to a plank series adding in Mt climbers, and jack & kick.

Balance: Exercises include supine toe drops, double crunch, bicycle, plank, pushups, cobra, up dog, down dog adding pedals, 3 leg dog knee pulls, crescent, warrior 3, 1/2 boat leg drops, yogi bicycle, 2 legged dog, dowdn dog knee pull pushups, standing ig toe leg extension, 1/2 moon, vinyassa, and dolphin.

Power: This circuit workout includes jacks, air jacks, squat heel click jumps, pushup w/ hip twists, crab kicks, basketball shoot & floor touch, side plank crunches, single leg burpees, broad jumps, pushup flip arounds, and supine leg drops.

Foundation: This pilates routine includes plank, mt climbers, 1/2 rolldown, V twist, crunches, roll up, pilates bike, double leg stretch, scissor drops, rolling like a ball, low back swimmers, side plank hip drops, side lying leg raises, pilates floor leg series, bridge kicks, & teaser.

Endurance: This body weight toning & cardio routine includes squat & lunge, sidekicks, knee pulls, tuck jumps, mt. climbers, bear crawl to crab walk, reverse plank knee pulls, side lunges & back kicks, curtsy skater jumps, plank series, balancing stick & floor touch, single leg burpee, bicycle with leg drops, and rolling like a ball to standing. 

These routines contain a lot of intermediate exercises but do include some advanced poses & exercises. Tons of unique exercises and the time goes by very quickly. I like that you can choose your intensity by choosing which exerciser to follow. Christine offers great pointers and a lot of the exercises really hit the core. I received this dvd to review. 

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