Monday, August 24, 2015

Interview with Tonergy Creator Nikki Dastrup

I recently had the opportunity to "interview" Tonergy creator Nikki Dastrup and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her energy, passion, and of course her workouts! Operation Tonergy is dedicated to making you LOOK and FEEL great inside and out. Nikki encourages people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels to be the best they can be. Read our interview below & stay tuned on the blog for detailed reviews of her workouts. 

Lindsey: How did Tonergy begin? 
Nikki: I started Tonergy in the summer of 2012 after I had nearly lost everything due to addiction. I was 26 years old, living in my parents basement and was near the point that death was the only option for me. Fitness had always been a passion of mine and I had been an instructor for 7 years prior. My mom hated seeing me like this (thank God for moms!!) and suggested I start a group training company in the small town of 1500 that I had just moved to. From there it prospered. I was in rehab at the time and was taking the lessons I was learning from rehab on self love and applying them to my group fitness classes. I learned through this experience that is all we need is one single person (in my case it was my mom) to believe in us and with that the sky is the limit. 

Lindsey: Where can we find Tonergy?
Nikki: Tonergy has been in over 11 cities in Utah at one time and 3 cities in Oregon. I was even able to get the program into the curriculum at Oregon State University. Right now I only do Tonergy in my hometown of Milford Utah due to the need to be with my family more, but have sold thousands of DVDs to people all across the United States. My current focus is to grow the company through the DVDs.

Lindsey: Why Fitness DVDS?: 
Nikki: I have tried every avenue possible to be able to reach as many people as I can with my my philosophy on self love and never giving up when I realized that the best way to do this, and most affordable, was to create a DVD series and continue to share the love and belief through social networking. As it's obvious that I'm just getting started, I can't wait to continue spreading the love! Tonergy literally  saved my life and I just want to give back to society what it has given to me ...

Lindsey: Tell us about the 6 DVD Tonergy set? 
Nikki: I developed a 6 set series with two other women who were working toward partnering with me to grow the company. Shortly after I originally released the 6 set series I realized that the other two women were not a good fit with my company and chose to pursue forward on my own. At that point I chose to take 2 discs from the 6 set series (abs and assets & total body burnout) and release them as singles because they are the two workouts that I personally lead. My plan was to continue to only sell those 2 when I received some serious interest in the 6 set from an online retailer. After some back and forth discussion I now am selling both the 6 set and the 2 singles individually. I personally designed each of the workouts in the 6 set series and am madly in love with each one of them. Between the 6 workouts you are guaranteed to hit every single aspect of "fitness" that is possible.

Lindsey:What is one thing you love about Tonergy:
Nikki: I have worked with well over 2000 people in my career and the one thing I hear over and over about Tonergy is that it's something that truly makes them feel beautiful from the inside out, and gives them hope where they can't seem to find any. It's a support system, it's a family, it's a safe zone, and most importantly, it truly does teach people the importance of self love. As I mentioned earlier ... Tonergy is so much more to me then a workout!

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