Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Opedix: Kinetic Health Gear ~ Support for Your Joints & Muscles Built Right in to the Workout Wear!

All you runners, walkers, workout addicts, and gym junkies are going to LOVE Opedix! They are super high tech workout leggings. They operate similarly to kineseo tape, they align your body and keep your kinetic chain in place to keep you properly aligned and functioning the way you were meant to. I used to tape my knee prior to any running and now with Opedix I dont have to! The capris I received for review, have extra support built right in them that support your kinetic chain to allow you to do the things you love longer, better and with less pain and fatigue! If you are tired of taping, you really need to give Opedix a try. Perfect for mud runs, and hot weather when tape just wont cut it. Available in mens,  womens, and juniors and in a variety of sizes and lengths.

Opedix has worked in conjunction with nationally recognized orthopedic and biomechanics laboratories, testing and refining their patented Torque Reform Technology™ to help optimize the way you move. Opedix provides scientifically engineered solutions to keep you moving.

If you are challenged with injuries, fatigue, fluctuating fitness levels, aging or changes in athletic activity levels, you need to check out Opedix. They properly support the linked motion of your kinetic chain and improves joint function and preserves the health of your moving body.

Check out their size guide as you will need to ensure you select the correct size to properly support you and your kinetic chain. The support in the leggings themselves support your active body like kinetic tape would. They are available in shorts, capri length, and long leggings. The runs in my area are all early in the morning and typically across town from me so I like to sleep in as late as possible. I hate having to wake up early to tape. I know it doesnt take all that long but I always have to watch the YouTube video to make sure Im doing it right. So really its just so much easier to wear my Opedix. Also its HOT here, like hot all year round so sometimes my tape comes off when I sweat or in the mud runs, tape is just not ideal. If you have any joint issues I would recommend giving Opedix a shot. Stay in the game! Tape is also a lot of waste going in to our landfills- no more disposable tape with Opedix.

The kinetic chain consists of myofascial (muscles and connective tissues), articular (joints), and neural (brain, sensory receptors and nerves) components. These components work together and require the sequential coordination of each joint to be properly aligned, stable and mobile to create a quality movement pattern. The motion produced at any joint in the kinetic chain directly affects the joints above and below it, thus dysfunction in any one component may have a direct and detrimental effect on the function of a neighboring joint.

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