Thursday, April 13, 2017

Cathe Friedrich's NEW Strong and Sweaty Boot Camp Review

 Cathe's latest set: Strong and Sweaty! The set contains five DVDs and an optional cycling DVD. The DVDs are also available individually. This set is a high intermediate to advanced series containing 77 premixes and a bonus ab routine. The premixes include upper or lower body only, higher and lower impact cardio, various timesaver options, and more. The series contains different training methods to shock and challenge your muscles and work your cardio and modifications are offered. Read all of my Cathe Strong and Sweaty Reviews.

Strong and Sweaty: Boot Camp
Cathe Friedrich, 2016

Cathe leads this 44 min strength & cardio workout with 4 backgrounders in her usual set. You will need dumbbells, a barbell, and a step for this workout. The workout structure is 6 rounds of cardio, lower body, upper body, and a compound exercise. 

After a warm up, exercises include cardio lunges off the step, elevated lunges, static lunge with front & side raises, bi curls, jumps to the box - plyo jacks - power 7's, marching sumps, front swing to overhead press, pushups, uneven squat hops around the box, cross back lunge to sumos, split stance with upright row & front raises, weighted tri dips, burpee - plank jacks off the box & box jumps, fast squats, dips off the step, clean & press, single arm row, upper back fly, straddle jumps to the box, side to side lunges, swimmer lunges off the step, diagonal lunges, pullover & chest fly, 1 arm plank with tri kickbacks, and a cool down & stretch.

I rate this a solid advanced routine. Challenging but I didnt think I was going to die. My heart rate was high and I definitely felt the burn on this one. This is a great get-it-all-in workout! I used moderate weights to go with the moderate pace. Cathe does provide some short rest breaks between sets. I did NOT receive this workout to review. 

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