Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bluapple VeggieZips with HydroLiners: Keep Produce Fresher LONGER!

I have been using the original Bluapple for years now & was thrilled to learn about their new VeggieZips with HydroLiner vegetable storage bags that keep your produce fresher longer. They are easy to use, available in an eco-friendly container option, reusable, affordable and best yet- they work! If you are tired of your produce spoiling-these bags are for you. They are perfect for gardeners, those of us that only shop once a week, and for bulk purchasers. I love my Costco membership but there are only 2 of us in the house, so using the new VeggieZips is a great option to save on food waste. You can even use them in conjunction with the original Bluapple to keep everything super fresh for super long. Keep reading to learn more. 

VeggieZips are specially designed with U-Vent™ technology control humidity while the HydroLiner™ controls moisture. The patented HydroVent™ Freshness System has U-Vent™ doors that open and close to support active plant respiration, to allow balanced humidity and to permit harmful ethylene gas (C2H4) to escape. HydroLiner™ humidity management pads may be used damp to help keep leafy greens hydrated, or may be used dry to absorb condensation when storing cauliflower and spinach, for example. These are seriously great for all your veggies - from leafy greens to cucumbers to celery!
The unique U-Vent™ Technology lets your produce breathe by allowing air in and ethylene gas to escape. The HydroLiner™ absorbs moisture and condensation as needed. Dampen to add moisture and hydration as needed. You can even use you bags as a strainer to wash and drain in sink. The bags are fully reusable, just wash with soapy warm water, rinse and let dry. Great not to have to throw them out after each use. 

Using a Bluapple® can extend the life of your produce up to 3X longer! Use with NEW!  VeggieZips™ with HydroLiners™ to help maintain humidity levels for individual produce. Order both products together in their combo pack to keep everything fresh and extend the fridge life. 

I learned about the original Bluapple in a magazine and HAD to try it! Well I loved it and have become a long time user. Bluapple even sells 12 months worth of refills so you order once and are set for a year. You dont have to throw out your plastic apple, just refill it (good for the environment & your wallet). Using the Bluapple is super easy- just place it with your produce and you are done! That simple, and your produce will last up to three times longer! There are only two of us in the house & I only shop once a week, so I had a produce spoilage problem- well not anymore! Just toss in the Bluapple to save your produce, food waste in landfills, and MONEY!
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  1. I've been using Bluapple for years too and have been pleased with it. I get big heads of cabbbage and huge bunches of kale. Not sure they would fit in that little bag. It's hard to keep lots of produce fresh for just one person, I know!

  2. YES it is so hard to keep fresh produce but these are really working for me. They are actually quite large- bigger than a freezer ziploc so I think most heads of cabbage would actually fit :)