Friday, October 27, 2017

Carlson Labs Omega Packed Fish Oils! Great for Heart & Overall Health

Looking for an easy way to get your New Year off to a healthy start? Look no further than Carlson Labs. They offer a complete line of Omega 3 supplements to suit everyone at your house! Getting healthy doesnt have to be hard. Omega 3s are important to our health and they are SO good for our hearts. Carlson makes it easy for you to find a supplement that is right for you. From small gems to Cod Liver Oil they have you covered. Omegas are not only great for your heart, they also promote brain, vision, and joint health! Keep reading to learn more. 

Small changes, such as taking an omega supplement daily can really add up to big health changes. Add in Carlson to your New Year routine and your heart will thank you. Since 1965, Carlson Labs has produced fresh, pure, award-winning vitamins, minerals, fish oils, and other nutritional supplements, they are a brand you can trust! Carlson Elite Omega-3 Gems and Norwegian Cod Liver Oil liquid have met strict standards for ingredient and product quality for the “Omega-3” category in independent testing. 

I had the pleasure of reviewing their Super Omega-3 in delicious lemon flavor provides 2,600 mg of omega-3s per teaspoonful, including 1,350 mg of EPA and 1,000 mg of DHA to support heart, brain, vision, and joint health. Super Omega-3 is a great option for those who want to receive more omega-3s per serving or who have trouble swallowing soft gels.

Their Elite DHA in delicious orange flavor provides a highly concentrated dose of 2,270 mg of DHA in a single teaspoonful to support brain, vision, and mood health. Elite DHA professional-strength liquid in rTG form, is a great option for those who want to receive more DHA per serving or who have trouble swallowing soft gels.

Carlson Labs Smart Catch® for Teens in delicious orange flavor provides a highly concentrated dose of 1,135 mg of DHA per ½ teaspoonful to support brain, vision, and nervous system function. DHA is an important omega-3 for teens, and Smart Catch® liquid is an easy way for them to get the daily DHA their growing bodies—and brains—need.

To ensure maximum freshness, their omega-3 concentrates are closely managed from sea to store. They source the highest quality, deep, cold-water fish using traditional, sustainable methods.

To further guarantee superior omega-3 oil, their concentrates are bottled at Carlson Healthy Oils, an eco-friendly, modern facility off the coast of Norway, in a region where marine oil production dates back more than 130 years. Their fish oil is molecularly distilled to remove impurities and is concentrated to provide higher levels of the beneficial omega-3s EPA and DHA. During the bottling process, their omega-3 liquids are given a nitrogen flush to remove oxygen and prevent oxidation. And like all Carlson omega-3s, freshness, potency, and purity is guaranteed.

Another reason to love Carlson is that their products are fresh & they dont waste! To ensure maximum freshness, they closely manage our omega-3 fish oil supplements from sea to store. They source the highest quality, deep, cold water fish using traditional, sustainable methods. The same day they're caught, the fish are transported to a highly-regulated Norwegian facility for processing and purification. The fresh fish oil is placed in soft gels, while the rest of the fish is used for human and animal consumption, so no part of the fish is wasted.  

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