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Kundalini Yoga for Health & Happiness with Harmanjot Kaur 2 DVD Box Set Intro Post!

Harmanjot Kaur, 2017

If you are interested in trying Kundalini Yoga - this is the set for you! It includes 140 minutes of practices on two dvds in one convenient DVD case. Harmanjot Kaur  leads these routines in gorgeous outdoor sets featuring grass, flowers, ponds, and so much beautiful greenery making the practices peaceful & meditative. Keep reading below to learn more & stay tuned on the blog for detailed reviews of both DVDs.

Disc One HEALTH: 
This is Revolutionary Fitness! Regardless of where you live, how you feel about your current level of fitness, or even your experience with yoga, you can still begin your health transformation simply, powerfully and effectively with this Kundalini Yoga program for health with Harmanjot. 

Much more than a workout, Kundalini Yoga works systematically on the glands, hormones, musculature, and metabolism to bring potent health, radiance, vitality and energy. Over 5,000 years in age and brought to the west in 1969 by the Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga is fast, effective, results oriented and approachable to anyone. This program features a series of short yoga sets that can be practiced individually or as a full series to deliver lasting wellness, masterful vibrancy and a powerful sense of self!

Yoga for Health DVD contains 80 full minutes of footage. You can play all or select one of the 8 routines from the main menu. It also contains a brief intro chapter and a quick chapter regarding headwraps that can be useful in your practice.

  • Health Kriya - 54 Minutes
  • Radiance Series - 16 Minute
  • The Wake Up Set - 12 Minutes
  • The Master's Set - 12 Minutes
  • The Set for Improved Digestion and Weight Loss - 11 Minutes
  • Sat Kriya - 6 Minutes
  • Brain Balance Meditation - 8 Minutes
  • Meditation on your Radiance - 14 Minutes
  • Headwrap Thoughts - 1 Minute

Disc Two Happiness: Happiness is our birthright! Your contentment and satisfaction doesn’t take complex technique or a lot of time. In this Kundalini Yoga program with Harmanjot, you can quickly and sustainably experience real positivity and deep well-being by establishing the effective biochemistry, energy and nervous system strength!

Featuring a powerful Kundalini Yoga set for the Heart given by Yogi Bhajan in 1970, the exercises in this program are both relaxing and cardiovascular in nature and focus on purifying the heart, balancing the glands and boosting your brain chemistry to create the biological foundation for real prosperity and peace of mind. Practicing this powerful set on a regular basis, as well as one of the exquisite meditations, delivers strength, energy, vitatliy and mental, emotional and spiritual elevation.

Yoga for Happiness DVD contains over 70 minutes of footage. You can play all or select one of the 4 practices from the main menu. It also contains a brief intro chapter and a quick chapter regarding headwraps that can be useful in your practice.

  • Introduction - 1 Minute
  • 4 Stroke Breath for Balance - 5 Minutes
  • Happiness Kriya - 48 Minutes
  • Meditation for a Calm Heart - 15 Minutes
  • Lotus Mudra Meditation - 6 Minutes
  • Headwrap Thoughts - 1 Minute
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