Friday, May 31, 2019

ARTICLE: A Cleaner Home Yields More Sex, Lowers Stress

The team at Modern Castle recently concluded an extensive study (n=1,035) looking at how home cleanliness impacts sex, stress, and other factors. They surveyed 1,035 US residents and asked them about their cleaning habits, sex life, stress levels, and more. Here are some of the most surprising findings:
  • Married couples who have the most clean homes also have sex 39.1% more compared to dirtier homes
  • Individuals with cleaner homes experience 26.0% less stress than those with dirtier homes
  • Dog homes are 22.8% cleaner than cat homes
  • Louisiana is the cleanest state in the USA, while Mississippi is the dirtiest
  • Americans spend an average of 52.2 minutes per day cleaning (but 22.4% of us only spend 15-30 minutes)

You can find our full report and findings here -

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