Wednesday, January 22, 2020

EyePromise Screen Shield Pro - Eye Vitamin for Screen Time Protection

EyePromise Screen Shield are the #1 doctor recommended brand of eye vitamin supplements to support, enhance and protect vision and combat damage caused by computer screen and digital eye strain, EyePromise offers an array of vitamin and supplements products designed to combat age-related eye health issues and extended computer screen / digital eye-strain concerns – for teenagers and adults. We all know how much screen time we are all getting these days and it really does a number on our eyes. My eye dr. told me it was his number one concern for eye health these days. Keep reading to learn more. 

EyePromis are GMO-Free, Gluten Free, Non-Synthetic Doctor Recommended. EyePromise Screen Shield Teen is specifically formulated for reducing the effects of screen time on children ages 4-17. We all know kids are quickly becoming more tech-savvy each day; This once-a-day, fruit punch flavored chewable eye vitamin is designed to help support your child's vision from the inside out. With 5mg of dietary zeaxanthin and 2.5 mg of lutein, this leading eye health vitamin will help increase the eyes' protective barrier that defends our source of vision while also protecting it from the effects of increased screen time. Both carotenoids provided in EyePromise Screen Shield Teen are derived from natural sources. The zeaxanthin is derived from red paprika peppers and the lutein is derived from marigolds.

EyePromise Screen Shield Teen Features:
  • Protects against screen time effects like headaches, eye strain, and tired eyes
  • Once-a-day, chewable eye vitamin
  • Only high-quality ingredients
  • Non-synthetic, with all-natural zeaxanthin
  • Can be taken alongside a multivitamin
  • Only high-quality ingredients
  • Non-synthetic, with all-natural zeaxanthin

On average, adults in the U.S. are in front of screens for more hours per week than they are asleep. 90% of U.S. adults experience one or more vision-related symptoms including tired eyes, headaches, and eye strain because of screen time. Our reliance on digital devices isn't likely to change, which means we need to take proactive measures to protect our eyes. EyePromise Screen Shield Pro is a daily vitamin made with all-natural zeaxanthin (not synthetic) and other key eye health nutrients. Screen Shield Pro is designed to defend the eyes of adults who spend hours on screens and relieve symptoms of digital eye strain.

EyePromise Screen Shield Pro Details:
  • Decrease eye strain by lessening the impact of harmful blue light from screens
  • Improve overall eye health by supporting the natural function of your eye
  • Only quality ingredients
  • Reduce glare and light sensitivity
  • All-natural zeaxanthin

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