Friday, August 4, 2017

REVIEW: Boho Beautiful in 10 Days Day Three: Visualize

Boho Beautiful in 10 Days is a 10 day program that includes 40 videos totaling 10 hours. Each day of the program, your one hour workout focuses on a specific theme which it’s class itinerary was built upon. Of course, you can mix & match from the videos to create your own routines as well. The program includes yoga, fitness, cardio, pilates, meditation, and a vegan food guide complete with a shopping list. The best part though is that all the workouts are performed on a gorgeous Exuma, Bahamas beach with breathtaking views in the background! The video content is aimed at creating more positivity, love, health, and wellness in the world. Stay tuned on the blog for detailed reviews of the Boho Beautiful workouts.

Day 3 Visualize:

Today includes an intro video that prepares you for your workouts, tells you about today's goals, theme, and today's Mantra. The workouts for the day include a 20 minute fitness routine, a 20 minute yoga routine, and a 20 minute meditation routine. You will need one 2-3 pound dumbbell for your fitness routines. Juliana works out alone in all of these routines & all are shot on location in the beautiful Exuma, Bahamas.

Day 3 Fitness: Today's routine is an extreme abs workout. You will use your dumbbell for all the exercises in this section. Exercises include rollups, single leg V twist, double leg stretch, supine toe touches, sky reach & twist, bicycle legs, figure 8 pass through, twisted roll back, teaser, V sit bicycle, bird dog elbow to knee pull, plank tap out & knee pull, dolphin, plank hip dips, plank knee pumps, plank jacks, and childs pose.

Day 3 Yoga: Today's practice is a balanced soul routine focusing on balance & strength work. Poses include seated side stretch, cat cow, puppy pose, baby cobra, down dog-chaturanga-3 leg dog hip opener flow, 3 leg dog to plank knee pull, twisted lunge, extended knee fold to low lunge, flowing reaching lugnes, standing split, warrior 3, standing knee pull, 1/2 moon, warrior 2 series, eagle, pigeon, supine knee hug & low back massage, and concludes with a stretch. I love the flow of this one.

Day 3 Meditation:  Focus is on Perseverance: every decision made today contributes to defining your tomorrow. Juliana is shown seated on a rocky waterfront. Make decisions that are related to your goals. You have the power to make decisions to take charge of your life, and to rid yourself of negativity. Juliana advises you to be seated and comfortable, close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

The yoga & meditation routines are appropriate for all fitness levels, and the fitness routine is a high intermediate- I really felt my core working in this one. Juliana provides modifications for many exercises. Love the ab work - really fun & unique and will have you feeling the burn in only 20 minutes. I received access to these workouts to review.

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