Thursday, August 6, 2009

Firm Wave Infomercial Shoot 7.08

I just RE-submitted my story to the Firm for their next infomercial so thought I would recap last years fun! I'm sure I won't get chosen again but where's the harm in resubmitting, right!

This "adventure" all started with a boring January day at work (imagine that!). I decided to go check out the Firm website. On the site there was a generic blurb "have you had success with the Firm? If so, we want to hear from you!" I thought hmm why not, I've had success with the Firm. So I sent in a really simple paragraph. Fast forward to June 08, I receive a phone call from "Script To Screen regarding the upcoming Firm Infomercial" I was so excited! Unfortunately I was in a full car and was kind of embarrassed doing my "phone interview" and was a little dissapointed in my interview skills when I got off the phone, but I guess I did ok cuz I got a call back a week later informing me I had been chosen and they would be flying me to LA in TWO weeks!!!!

I guess the Firm received 150 Success Story submissions, narrowed it down to a short list of 25 and did phone interviews on the 25. From there they narrowed it down to 16 of us for the shoot. I feel really lucky to have been chosen! The 16 of us had been emailing in the weeks before the shoot so we kind of knew each other before we officially met in Cali.

The Firm sent us a wooden prototype of the Wave and a promo dvd to try ahead of time. I felt very special to have this ahead of the rest of the world. We also received the plastic Wave and Wave dvds after the shoot so thats an added bonus.

Onto the shoot... We got to have our hair and makeup professionally done, which was really cool!

Heres the "interview room" where they filmed our interviews. I was last to be interviewed and we were way behind schedule. It was late, 9:00 pm before mine even started. I felt a little rushed and "stepchild" at this point. Yes I know, I can find negativity in ANYTHING. So after all was said and done I wasn't even sure that my speaking part would even end up in the infomercial. But it DID! Check out my 10 seconds of fame.

I did a horrible job of buying/ bringing good clothes for the shoot/ picture session. Even though I packed basically my entire wardrobe, most of my outfits were voted down. Here are some After shots from my photo shoot: They also sent us our After shots via mail & email so that's cool.

Ok and since you've seen the "Afters" here are my "Befores"

The day after the interview session. We had a free day, so a group of us went on a tour of LA/ Hollywood. I got the chance to get to know the group. And WOW what an awesome bunch they are! I still email/ facebook many of the ladies and one gent regularly and am lucky enough to live 20 min from Tammy and we hang out all the time! I love having real life friends that I can totally relate to and talk about the Firm of course.

The 3rd and final day of fun was working out on the Wave with the Firm Master Instructors Emily, Alison, and Allie. They were all super nice and of course beautiful and fit, Emily was my fav :) Here is a pic of us on set and one of me and Alison & Allie.

Wishful thinking, but I can't help to think of how awesome it would be to do it all again next year!


  1. Lindsey, thanks for the infomercial re-cap! I was actually going to ask you if you resubmitted. Haha!

    I went ahead and resubmitted this time around since I'm finally back down to my goal weight. We'll see if I get chosen, although I'm trying not getting my hopes up.

    Your experience sounds alot like mine... it was so fantastic! I didn't get a day of sight-seeing though, darn it!

    I think you may have inspired me to post a recap on my blog now... haha! :o)

  2. I am sooooo glad you resubmitted too!!!! I hope someone I know gets to go! It was truely wonderful wasn't it. I look forward to reading your recap. I read your posts on the yayas after you got back and remember being sooooo jealous....congrats on being down to your goal!!!! I was doing fine until vacation...