Wednesday, August 5, 2009

8.05.09: Our Wedding 8.18.07

We are coming up on our 2 year anniversary so I thought I would just do a recap of our wonderful wedding! (Also I have nothing exciting giong on right now to write about so recapping my past excitements is as good as it gets).

Jay and I have been together (on and off) for over 10 years. We met in April 1998 and finally made it official two years ago.

I chose a lemon and lime theme for the wedding: pale yellows & greens; sunflowers, daisies & lillies; and of course lemons and limes. I searched and searched for the perfect cake to no avail. So I found individual tiers on seperate cakes that I liked, changed the colors and pieced together the perfect cake (then the cake lady did her magic with my idea). Not only was it beautiful, it was SO yummmmy! I did the tables with my same lemon lime theme. After the wedding I got quite a few comments about how surprised people were that the colors worked (and looked great) apparently no-one thought they would work, but I pulled it off!
Before the wedding I got a part time job at Michaels and used their employee appreciation day to purchase alot of the decor: the gift bags, scrapbook paper for the candy tin favors, the favor tins, candles, flowers for the bubble favors, the bubble favors, the paper for the water bottle favor lables, etc. I got the cool green martini/ water glasses at Party City after Christmas for 50% off too! Annessa made the tags for the gift bags (thank you Annessa!). I found the lime placemats at K-mart, and some cute lemon lime cups at Ross-we filled them w/ jellybellies.

Overall the wedding was wonderful and beautiful! There were a few fopaux' ... but the pictures all turned out great! Kudos to our photographer DJ Bob. BEST wedding pictures I've seen (no I'm not biased...)

As you can see Jay looked very handsome in his white tux. And I was very happy with my dress! I tried this one on only because a) the other dresses that I came in to try on looked horrible on me and b) they didn't have one of the dresses I wanted to try on in my size so the girl had me try this one. Well I fell in love at first site and HAD to have it. Only problem: It's a $1,000 dress...I used my bargain hunting skills and found it new with tags on ebay for $400! Only problem was it was one size too small. Nothing a little bit of Firming couldnt fix! Worth every penny and every minute of exercise. I wonder if I would have paid full price for it...

And for everyones viewing pleasure, here are pictures of my family. My sister, brother, dad, and mom :)

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