Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Workout 101

My only area of "expertise" is fitness, so I guess I will start there...I am a Firm girl at heart. This is the program that got me started on the right track to fitness. It features AWT (aerobic weight training). The workouts incorporate weights into the cardio so you are def maximizing your efforts here. Before I found the Firm I was killing myself with cardio and getting nowhere. Not anymore! Dumbbells are my friends-from 1# to 20#ers, I've got a complete collection.

Right now I am doing another Barrys Bootcamp Fat Blaster rotation. I did one last fall and lost 7.5 lbs in 8 weeks! I was very happy with my results, particularly because I didn't change my diet! Of course, I couldn't keep those lbs off but it was nice at the time. So anyways, I started this again last week and am down 3#'s from my normal weight (6#'s total if you count the 3 I was up)! I am actually content at my "normal" weight so the 3#'s down is just a bonus. I swear this program is seriously my magic bullet, if one exists! Here is a link to some reviews of the series that I posted on my fav website videofitness.com.

So you can decode my workout postings, here are some acronyms for this set: BBC= Barrys Bootcamp, FB = the Fat Blaster set (he has another earlier set that of course I have), LB= lower body, UB = upper body, w/o= workout (or work out for those who know the difference, I am not one that does so to forgo the gramatical error I always stick with w/o :), MS=the Mission Specialist w/o's in the BBC set...I think thats it for now...

Here is my very own custom BBC rotation I have been following:
M: BBC FB UB/ MS UB beginner/ MS abs advanced/ 10 min light cardio
T: BBC FB LB/ MS LB beginner/ MS abs beginner / 10 min light cardio
W: BBC FB UB/ MS UB advanced/ MS abs advanced/ 10 min light cardio
Th: BBC FB LB/ MS LB advanced/ MS abs beginner / 10 min light cardio
Fri: BBC FB UB/ MS UB beginner/ Belly Bootcamp/ 10 min light cardio
Sat: BBC FB LB/ Booty Camp w/o/ MS abs beginner / 10 min light cardio
Sun: Rest

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