Monday, September 14, 2009

Buffalo Chicken -Bleu Cheese Wraps Recipe

Today's Recipe: Buffalo Chicken wraps with crumbled bleu cheese. Grill chicken breast on the Foreman grill, shred it, and toss w/ some hot wing sauce. Heat tortillas in a dry frying pan-remove. Place chicken in tortilla, top w/ crumbled bleu cheese. I used La Tortilla Factory tortillas (low fat, high fiber) and 25% reduced fat bleu cheese crumbles. Add a little more hot sauce if you like it spicy. YUM!

Tip: Viactiv Calcium Chews not just good for your bones-also delicious! Each chew has 50% of your daily calcium requirement, 100% of vitamin D, 50% of Vitamin K, and only 20 calories. I like the chocolate, chocolate mint, and caramel ones. Makes a great "dessert" for lunch.


  1. I ALWAYS forget about LBS2!! I just did LBS1 for the first time in a LONG time last week. Definitely a toughie!

    That picture of Lisa Kay kinda cracks me up... lol so weird to look back at the older covers sometimes :)

    your meal sounds so good! You always have the best looking meals!

  2. Well it's almost 11 and we are still here on campus! Anyways I just answered my own question by looking at your blog. Looks like you got some cute stuff at Goodwill! Making bread would be fun. It isn't any work if you have a bread machine right? No kneading, etc. ?

  3. ahhh thanks Mandy :) (about the meals)...I actually just got LBS II, its a nice floor work out. LBS I is TOUGH! The first "new" Firm I ever tried :)

    Jill-NO work w/a bread machine! You just toss the ingrediants in and it does everything! Totally worth it. There were probably 6 of them at the Goodwill-next time you go to the DI-check for one-just plug it in b4 u buy it.