Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11.24.09: RIP Anna Benson, NO Workout, and Carton-o-Flowers

The original creator of the Firm-Anna Benson passed away yesterday. I am very glad that she got the rights back to her original Firms and was able to remaster them before she passed. Im sure that meant a great deal to her.

Todays NON-workout:
-I got home late from cake class last night
-I could not fall asleep
-When I finally did, this damn ghetto neighbor lady started screaming
-I got up and yelled "Shut up over there-or at least shut your window." Anyone that knows me is not surprised. I will add that she was also screaming the night before at 1:30 am. And both times in the past week that we ate on the back patio she was screaming at her kids. $&!@ is what I would like to say to her!
-All of this to say that: I did not workout today

Cake Class:
We made royal icing flowers. Mine are not very good but I am going to practice some more tonight and hopefully improve. I need to make some more for my Thanksgiving maple cake with walnut icing anyways. Here they are, carton-o-flowers.Custom cakes by Lindsey LuPhoenix custom cakesSpecialty Cakes Phoenix. Arizona custom specialty cakes. Specialty cupcakes phoenix. Custom cupcakes )


  1. Anna's death was so sad. She didn't put all the workouts on DVD--I hope her boys or someone can carry on that process in her memory.

    I htink your flowers look great.

    Can you come yell at my neighbors? They're seniors with a poodle that never shuts the hell up. They just let the damned thing bark and bark. (it would be a really cute dog if it were trained.) It must be a PITA to have a neighbor like yours--her poor kids! Her poor neighbors. Did she shut up after you yelled?

  2. I too, hope someone can carry on her work for her. She changed SO many peoples lifes for the better-including mine. RIP.

    You know she did shut up-but she was at it again last night-grrrrr! Im sorry to hear about the dog issue. We had one of those (in the same house as this screaming lady, differnt owners though) and a neighbor did a petition that I signed and she took it to the courts, etc. It was a PITA process she said, but that dog stopped barking! Thats an option if the poodle keeps it up. I HATE not getting a good nights sleep!!!!!! I will yell at your neighbors anytime :)