Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12.1.09: Final Cake, Pillow Graveyard, & Other Randomness

Well I had another horrible nights sleep. I think my cake class winds me up-its not the cake-I didnt even have any! So I layed there awake for hours and hours, and woke up over and over again and had trouble falling back asleep. So I didn't do my w/o. I will have to take Sat as a rest day as we have a busy day planned SO I must do it tonight. Please motivate, guilt, push me to do my w/o tonight..... I did get in a lunhctime walk today and yesterday though-so thats something.

Final Cake for Course 3:

Its a white cake w/ raspberry mousee filling. Fondant with buttercream cornelli lace and royal icing lillies. The pink ribbon is a real ribbon. I am happy with it! Oh, I wasnt able to take course 2 (not enough people signed up) so the teacher let me take course 3. I will probably go back and take course 2 in January.   ( Custom cakes by Lindsey LuPhoenix custom cakesSpecialty Cakes PhoenixArizona custom specialty cakesSpecialty cupcakes phoenixCustom cupcakes )

Pillow Graveyard:
Here is an actual unstaged picture of my bedside. I count SEVEN pillows. I actually leave them there so I can rotate through them all multiple times each night. This is literally hundreds of dollars worth of pillows....BUT I got my new pillow and it worked like a charm! I am SOSOSOSOSOSO happy w/ it! I can actually almost rotate my head around today!

And, this is funny because a few years ago the birds were after Jay and me...First there was a dead pigeon on our front yard. Then as we were riding the bike down the freeway, the car in front of us hit a bird and bird guts flew ALL over us. It was SO discusting. I was very happy to have worn my helmet that day!

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