Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The FIRM: Upper Body Split Review

The FIRM: Upper Body Split
Tracie Long, Pam Cauthen-Meriwether, Carissa Foster, Taber Bruner, Stacey Milner-Colins, 1999

This is a 62 minute Firm Parts workout. Its compiled from various Firm w/o's-post classics to pre BSS Firms. It is mostly upper body strength work with a few cardio segments thrown in to get your heart rate up. It does intersperse a good amount of ab work and some pelvic floor work. It has a nice warmup and stretch, but a very short cooldown/ stretch. I never do the cooldown / stretch anyways so that didnt bother me one bit.

I felt pretty evenly worked in this one though there were a lot of pushups and ab work. There were also quite a few sets of lat row-but I like working my upper back so that was fine too. There isnt a ton of cardio in this but enough to get your heart going a bit. Maybe 4 or so cardio segments.

You will see the typical upper body fare here: lat row, pushups, pec fly .tricep extension, bicep curls, upright rows, military press, front & side raise, medial delt work, etc. There is no bench press or overhead tricep extension. The ab work and some oblique work is not at the end, its interspersed throughout the workout and is thorough.

All the leads are your typical Firm instructors-good cueing, not overly perky. I would rate this wrokout a solid intermediate Upper Body strength workout.


  1. Cute cards. Sardines sounds gross, hehe. And wow that's a long upper body workout!

  2. ah sardines are good! Add a little hot sauce...

    Ya its long but not too bad. I really like the bootcamp one you did too!