Thursday, January 28, 2010

The FIRM: Lower Body Sculpt I Review

The FIRM: Lower Body Sculpt I
Lisa Kay, 2002

This is a tough 30 minute lower body strength workout that includes some cardio intervals. Lisa really accomplishes a lot in 30 minutes. My lower body is thoroughly worked after doing this w/o this morning. This is all standing work and uses the Fanny Lifter and a variety of dumbbells. This is a big calorie burner for being mostly strength work and only 30 minutes because you are using large muscle groups that really get your heartrate up!

Lisa has four background exercisers and Libby provides the beginner modifications. This was released after BSS1 as part of the "6 pack." The set is a wide open white room with fans built into the walls.

After a warmup and stretch you move onto a strength segment and then some unweighted step strength work like squats off the step. You dont use weights in this segment but you are still working your lower body. After that you move onto some floor strength work: dips and lunges and the like using dumbbells. Then Lisa gives your lower body a little break with some floor aerobics. You finish with another strength set including more leg press, dips, curtsey dips, etc. beore you move onto your cooldown and stretch.

I would rate this high intermediate but like most Firms easily modifiable up or down to suit your needs.

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