Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Results Fitness - Boost Your Metabolism Review

Results Fitness - Boost Your Metabolism
Tracey Staehle, 2008 

This is a 52 minute cardio and strength interval workout. She does 5-8ish minutes of cardio and then 5- 8ish minutes of strength and goes through the dvd in that fashion. Some of the strength moves will also get your heartrate up due to working large muscle groups and because she works multiple muscle groups at the same time. For example-she will do a lunge with a back row.

I got this dvd when it first came out so Ive had it for over 2 years. I did it once when i first got it and promptly forgot about it. I saw it in the back of my collection this morning so I pulled it out to give it another shot. I now know why it went to the back of the dvd pile-I didn't like it. While I really enjoyed the cardio moves, the strength moves were awkward and thrown together with another awkward strength move.

She did a squat with an overhead press-but instead of pressing overhead while coming up in your squat-she has you lifting over your head while your going down in your squat. It was awkward and I couldn't lift my normal poundage because it put a weird strain on my neck. She did that on multiple occasions and none of the strength moves clicked with me at all. I didn't even finish the dvd this morning. I pulled it out about 1/2 way.

Like I said, the cardio is solid. I enjoyed it and will probably keep the dvd just for the cardio. Unfortunately there are no premixes on the dvd, but I will just push "skip" through the strength sections. I would say this is an intermediate workout that utilizes more light weight, hi rep type training and athletic non-dancy cardio.


  1. Sorry about your shoulder pain - ouchie!

    And yay for real food and good fats! You may find that you can maintain your weight better once you have ditched the frankenfoods and your metabolism starts humming along more efficiently.

  2. You read my mind RP! The faux food has definately been a negative in my life for too long...Ive been contemplating making the "switch" for some time now, but was honestly scared of the fat. Live and learn, right.