Thursday, February 11, 2010

The FIRM: Power Half Hour Review

The FIRM: Power Half Hour
Emily Welsh, 2008

This is a quick 31 minute cardio and sculpting interval workout. It is quick moving and will give you a good workout. You can heavy up a bit in the strength work or you can keep it light and use this as a cardio workout. You will need a variety of dumbbells for this workout. There are 2 background exercisers with Kelsie providing the beginner modifications. The set is the hardwood floor, window scenery, white wall set.

Emily moves fast and at times is just all over the place-one rep of this, one rep of that, add a jack here. I think she would have been better off doing fewer moves with more reps of each move to avoid the rushed feeling and confusion on the users part. The workout is so short that by the time you figure out her little routines, its time to move on to something else. If it werent for this-I think I would really like this one.

The cardio segments include some power bursts like flying jacks and plyos so you can get your heartrate up nicely with this one. The strength segments are mostly combo moves with a lot going on- a side lunge with a bicep curl and an inner thigh leg sweep. I do think the strength segments are more strength oriented than just light 4-limb work though.

I would rate this higher intermediate because of the power bursts and the tricky choreo in some spots. This could easily be modified up or down to fit your needs though.

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