Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Review: 10 Minute Solutions Knockout Body Featuring Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith, 2009

This dvd has 5 ten minute segments and includes a pair of pink weighted gloves. The gloves are 12 oz. The gloves are adjustable and fit fairly well. They shift a tiny bit while working out, but not a big deal. Jessica is an excellent lead-she cues very well and has a pleasant demeanor. All the segments have a lot of "new" unique moves and are a lot of fun. I am liking the newer 10 Min Sol alot more than the older ones! The dvd is fully customizable and you can mix & match to create your own workout.

The first segment is: Knockout Body Blast and is a combination of cardio and strength. It includes bob and weaves with punches, a (mock) jump roping segment, jack-X-punch combo, kicks with a squat, and some punch kick combos.

Fat Attack: it is the most cardio of all the segments. There are alot of lateral movements-bob and weave, side step, etc. She does a jack punch combo, and a punch kick combo.

Fierce & Fabulous Abs: This segment is 1/2 standing and 1/2 floor ab work. The standing work includes twisting, balance work and kneep pulls and is alot of fun! The floor work includes a V sit with a punch, a unique plank -turkish getup variation set, balance work, crunches, and spinal extension work.

Ultimate Upper Body: Obviously has a lot of punches. I like this as a nice addon to another upper body workout. She does some pushups and back flys. There is some cardio in here as well.

Kickbox Crosstrain: Includes a punch & squat combo, squat with overhead tricep extension, a balance move where you lift your leg and twist in (hitting the abs and hips), a balance tap move, and some kick sqats. This one seems to target the lower body.

I would rate all these as intermediate. She does do at least one round of the routines slow at first which does allow the heartrate to drop a bit, but once you get the hang of it you can go at a faster pace throughout. I like this one and it was def worth getting (even though I already had a pair of weighted gloves LOL). Good price for the dvds & gloves anyway.


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