Monday, March 22, 2010

DVD Buying Tutorial

I got a great question from Bee the other day asking about dvd buying. SO I thought a quick tutorial would be nice :) You all know Im cheap so I am fond of my bargains...

And on a side note-about my reviews: You may notice MOST of them are positive and this is why: 1)I have been doing exercise dvds for some time now and I pretty much know what I like and therefore don't end up w/ losers too often. 2) Im frugal so I don't buy unless I'm pretty sure I'm going to like it. 3) I do a lot of research up front, read reviews, etc. to make sure the dvd looks like a good fit for me. 4) when I get something I dont like, I usually dont make it through the whole w/o, so I cant necessarily write a review for it.

Websites to purchase dvds: This is an AWESOME webiste-has nice long clips and reviews of w/o's. Super fast shipping, great prices, and EXCELLENT customer service. Use the code 10off to get 10% off a $20+ purchase. Free shipping on ALL US orders over $19.00. I made a mistake on an order once and Mary (the owner) was more than gracious and helped me fix the order. Her prices are awesome and she runs weekly sales and posts twitter specials as well. Great website, clips, reviews, & discussion boards. The w/o's are actually done by their staff and they always have accurate info. Now offers weekly sales, and free shipping on orders over $25. I've always had positive experiences ordering from Collage. And check out their success stories here for some motivation! always free shipping, typically low prices. I have always had good experiences ordering from them. Shipping speed can be hit or miss. Sometimes its fast, others not so much. They offer bi-annual sales and everything goes 20-25% off. Also offeres non-exercise dvds. we all know about amazon. You can get good prices from the marketplace sellers on used dvds. Amazon is probably my most used dvd resource as the prices are typically lowest and I dont mind used merchandise. There are customer reviews on most products. You can get good prices on pre-orders. Jessica Smith is collaborating w/ Wii & 10 Min Solutions for this new fitness game-cant wait to try it out! I used to buy from Ebay, and still will on a very very rare occasion IF I cant find it anywhere else. The prices are typically higher than other webistes IMO.

yaya's: You have to be a registered member to post. You can pick up some GREAT bargains here. Basically members of this fitness discussion board post dvds they want to sell/ buy/ or swap. I have always had positive experiences here.

Websites you can trade/ swap dvds: this website is AWESOME! You can swap exercise & nonexercise dvds w/ other members. The cool thing here is you dont do a direct swap w/ another member. You post your dvds, a member requests it, you send it to them and receive a credit. You can then use that credit to "buy" a dvd from any other member. I have always had good experiences here as well. You might have to wait (& wait) for items on your wishlist but sometimes they come up quickly. You can also look through their database & see whats available right now. This is a good place to trade/ get your not-as-popular items.

yayas: buy/ sell/ trade here. See above. you cant buy or sell here but you can trade directly with other members. These are straight across trades so you do have to have an item on a members wishlist if you want something of theirs. I have never had a bad trading experience here. You have to be a registered member to view the lists. There is also a monthly "share the wealth" thread where you can pickup (or list dvds to giveaway) for only the cost of postage. Sometimes the members will even mail them for free. VF also has a great (fitness only) general discussion board. LOTS of good info there.

Websites to read reviews: has reviews at the bottom of each product has reviews at the bottom of each product listed after the product description in each items listing. this website has reviews of all sorts of things in addition to fitness dvds & equpiment.
my blog: teehee!

I hope this was helpful for everyone! There are a lot of other places you can purchase dvds, but these are my "go to" sources.

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  1. Good idea for a post! Just to let you know you are supposed to leave a seperate comment for each thing you do (each comment is an entry) and the Vintage Pearl is giving $50! Cute stuff, huh? I have giveaways booked through April! I have sent out probably 400 emaials though lol. Anyways, when are you going to do your MK giveaway?

  2. I love I've gotten lots of fitness videos through there! (if you don't wan't to swap you just just buy the credits... 3-4 bucks free shipping)