Monday, March 29, 2010

DVD GIVEAWAY: Stephanie Vitorino: The Ultimate Body Shaper

This giveaway is now over! I will announce the winner shortly...good luck everyone :) And stay tuned for next weeks giveaway!!!

I'm starting this week's giveaway today! The new Ultimate Body Shaper. I couldn't wait to try Stephanie Vitorino's new workout so I did it this morning and LOVED it! It is right up my ally-strength work + cardio, burning calories while building muscles. Also, one of my fav background exercises-Madison is in this one :) And I have to point out-how fab Stephanie looks-she has the perfect fit figure. What a lovely physique!

What I LOVED about the emails from Stephanie was how down to earth she is! How I would love to have a PT session with her. Here is a snippet from her email "I also struggled with weight issues and can empathize with the struggle of making the right choices, but once you realize that it is exactly that, a choice, you can gain control." Knowing that someone as fit as her once struggled with her weight - I am even MORE motivated by her now! Love her last sentence there-I couldnt agree more-its a choice we all have to make!

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Review: Stephanie Vitorino: The Ultimate Body Shaper, 2009***** (5 of 5 stars)

This dvd has two 30 minute AWT (aerobic body shaping) workouts, a seperate 5 min warmup and 6 min cooldown, plus a bonus 6 minute ab workout. Stephanie works out with 2 background exercisers in a nice open room with hardwood floors and her V Body logo in the background. There is a small countdown timer in the corner. One workout is a high step and one is a mat (mostly standing strength with some intensity bursts). You will need a high step or fanny lifter and 2 sets (or more) of dumbbells for this w/o.

This workout is, what the Pink Firms should be IMO. It has enough strength work to count as a strength day but it gets & keeps your heartrate up with cardio bursts & intensity intervals. Fun, effective, NO dread factor but still a booty kicking workout!! I will definately be buying myself a copy of this one.

The 1st workout is 30 minutes of nonstop strength + cardio work using the tall step and dumbbells. There are a lot of moves that use multiple muscle groups-they are all paired nicely so the poundage works for all components of each move. She does some straight cardio (high knees jumprope, etc.) and a lot of the strength work will get your heart pumping as well- squatting off the high step while doing a frontal shoulder raise, tricep dips off the box, a back V raise, etc.

The 2nd workout is a "mat" workout. Its a strength workout with 1 min intesity intervals throughout. She incorporates a lot of core and balance work in a lot of the exercises. A side raise while in tree pose, a twist while holding the dumbbell, squatting low holding the head of a dumbbell, a "toss the laundry bag over the shoulder" type move, a TOUGH roll back and then jump up move, and ends with a few minutes of lying ab/ chest work.

The ab workout is 8 of Stephanies favorite core moves and includes crunch, plank, and spinal work variations. Stephanie works out alone in this segment.

There were a lot of unique moves in this that were fresh and not at all awkward like some "new & exciting" exercises can be. She really packs a lot into each of these 30 minute workouts and the pace is right on-no wasted time but I didnt feel at all rushed or frenzied. I also like that the w/u and c/d are seperate as I usually do my own and skip those anyways.

This is a high intermediate that you can make a bit tougher by modifying. I would say an intermediate would be able to do this but its not a beginners workout. Stephanie is a wonderful lead! She is very motivating and has great form pointers & reminders throughout. There is even the *cutest* feature on this dvd-a miniature Stephanie runs across the bottom of the screen from time to time (only 4-5 X total) with a pointer or form reminder! Its not distracting AT ALL! You do have the option to turn it off if you choose though.

Fine Print:
-I will announce the winner Thursday morning (chosen using April 1 and will accept entries until that point. Be sure to check back and see if you are the winner!!!!!

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  1. I would love a shot at this one - I've never tried one of her workouts before, but this sounds like it's right up my alley.

  2. I'd love to try a new instructor. And lately, this type of workout is just what I want (and need)..with 3 kiddies under 6 I'm always looking to get the most bang for my buck! Great review...I'm going to look into this one!

  3. Wow! It sounds like a good workout because it targets lots of "trouble" areas! It's also nice to learn new exercises because it helps get away from the mundane everyday routine and makes exercizing fun!

  4. The 3 links are Stephanie's work-out site, her facebook page, and exercise tv.

  5. I love trying out new workout DVDs - I've amassed quite a collection! I'd love to enter the giveaway. I've actually previewed her DVD on collagevideo, and she seemed like a good instructor - not too perky which is great.

  6. I already have this workout, and also love it! Excellent blog/review - very through, Linds!
    Stephanie does have a phenom. body, and I can't wait for her next workout, which she's working on now.
    There's a move where she uses the dumbbells on top of the high step (basically the same as the FIRM Fanny Lifter)to do a plank/row. The first time I did the workout, this was tricky because the top of the fanny lifer was too slick. So I cut a piece of that Rubbermaid "grippy stuff" that comes on a roll - just enough to cover the top of the step, for this move. It worked like a charm. ...Just an FYI in case anyone out there encounters the same issue.
    You mentioned Madison in the background - she's also in Gunnar Peterson's "Core Secrets" ball exercise workouts and she's got a buff body, I like her!! I have no idea who the other random girl is, it should've been me. LOL :) Anyone "thinking" about getting this workout - get it, it's GOOD!

  7. I like that you say it can count for a stregnth training day but is still cardio at the same time. I also like the countdown timer becasue I am always wondering when I do a workout how much time I have left. It is also cool to know that she struggled with her weight and isn't just one of those lucky people. And I LOVE your travel photo book, turned out really goo!

  8. I love AWT workouts. And I am loving Stephanie in the Bottylicious buns series on exercise TV. I also like her 6-round slimdown. Cant wait to try this one.

  9. I blogged about this at :)

  10. This dvd sounds like a "must have" considering you have given it such a great review. I personally love fitness dvds that have separate UB and ab workouts since they are my trouble zones! Thank you for the review.

  11. This looks and sounds great! Thanks for letting me know about this! I am always looking for new ways to excerise.

  12. Linds - You know I love to try out new videos!

    Awesome review! Saying that this is what the Pink Firms SHOULD be makes me want to try this badly! :) I love the sounds of the 1st work out!

    I wish I still had my blog going so I could get an extra entry! ;)

    You're doing an awesome job with the blog!!

  13. I want this DVD sooooooo bad! I love that it has (or at least sounds like it has) a good 'core' work out. Since having surgery in September, it's been challenging to get that area back in shape, or at least feeling like it's on it's way back!

  14. Mandy -Im still following your blog! Reblog it-it counts :)

  15. I need this DVD because I'm working on getting back in shape after three kids please check out my blog.