Friday, March 26, 2010

Cindy Whitmarsh's UltraFit DVD Review

Cindy Whitmarsh

This workout was originally named Ultra Fit and came with a book (Ive read it, its good!). Then Natural Journey put it out under the name: Ultra Fat Burning Workout.

Cindy leads the workout with 4 other exercisers. Cindy and another lady show advanced options, 1 exerciser shows beginner, and 1 intermediate. They use a 4# med ball, dumbbells, jumprope, and a stability ball. Someone shows the moves using no props, or they suggest an alternative. They are working out on a back patio outside. Its a very nice set. The workout is divided up into segments w/ a screen that comes up introducing the next segment. The dvd is chaptered.

Warmup Stretch: some cardio moves and some stretching get you started.

Cardio: First is various jump rope moves for one minute. She does some fancy stuff but says to do whatever you want. One guy doesnt use a rope at all. Then they pick up their medballs and do a jack while throwing the ball overhead, side to side squat, jump back and forth over the jumprope. She repeats the sequence a few times.

Shoulder Weights: Using dumbbells they do upright rows, overhead pulse, lateral raises and rotator cuffs. Repeat a few times.

Cardio: Blowouts (burpees), they jump back and forth with a med ball between their knees, quick feet, etc. Repeat a few times.

Biceps: With dumbbells, alternating bicep curls, both weights in one hand concentration curls, etc. Repeat a few times.

Cardio Toning: repeater legs to the side and back, flunges (scissor jumps), pushups, Mt. climbers, shuffle squats while putting down and picking up med ball , ab twists while holding med ball, side lunge-leg lifts. Repeat a few times.

Toning: All on the stability ball: (one modifier does the moves on the floor) frog leg lifts, flutter legs, shins on the ball-pulling legs in, crunches w/ med ball on chest, twists, dips off the ball with the med ball between knees (one modifier uses a stair, one on the floor), tricep extensions w/ the med ball. Then there are some side reaches not on the ball.

Cool Down Stretch: led by someone else.

Some of these cardio moves (jumprope, blowouts, plyos, explosive jumps) are advanced for sure! I really got my HR up and I was a sweaty mess by the end. You could definately heavy up on the dumbbells and used a heavier med ball for the toning moves (I used an 8# ball). The toning segments arent all that long though and there isnt a lot of weighted lower body work. I really like this workout, again Im seeing unique and fun moves without complicated choreo. Loving the calorie burn on this one! Cindy is an excellent lead. I like her demeanor and her cueing is spot on!

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