Tuesday, March 9, 2010

FitPrime G-Force Review

Tracie Long, 2004

This is a 53 minute rebounding + weights + yoga dvd. Tracie is working out alone on a small set that has a mirror and some art in the background-very Firm mansion set. Tracie is, as always, an excellent lead. Cueing is spot on and her form is always impeccable. She has great rebounding form tips throughout as well. The dvd is chartered very well so you can skip segments (all the strength or cardio segments for example) by pushing "next" on your remote. You will need a rebounder, a pair of weighted gloves, and various dumbbells for this workout.

This dvd is interval style-you do a cardio rebounding circuit and then step off the trampoline and do a set of strength work. After 3 cardio sets, and 3 strength sets you do some yoga-esque ab work on the rebounder and then move into a cooldown stretch.

I usually skip the strength work in this dvd and just do the cardio because there really isn't enough strength work to count for much IMO. The work includes: lat row, bicep curls, lunges w/ one foot on the rebounder, ab work, push ups, tri dips, etc. A little of a lot of things really.

The rebounding is pretty straight forward: health bounce, jogging, some tuck jumps, high knees, shuffles, a unique hop scotch move (actually took me a few times through to get this one but I am choreo challenged), jumping jacks, and the likes.

The at-home-workout-world is really lacking rebounding w/o's IMO so I consider this a must have for rebounders! I would rate this a high intermediate workout with the caveat that you can make it as easy or as hard as you want depending on how you bounce. Rebounding can really be a great challenging cardio w/o or it can be an easy playtime-you decide :) Adding bigger arm movements, wearing weighted gloves, and always giving it my all (adding more tuck jumps, etc) I was DRIPPING with sweat this morning after doing it!

The cardio only parts are about 35 minutes. I repeated the last hop scotch/tuck jump combo to get in 40 min of cardio.


  1. You should put a link to this on your facebook. I'm sure you would have some takers.

  2. You meant the MK stuff-good idea will do it now!!

  3. I didnt have any biters on this so I am closing the offer and will re-do it later. Hopefully I will find a home for these unloved dvds then :)