Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Denise Austins Burn Fat Fast Cardio Blast Review

Burn Fat Fast Cardio Blast
Densise Austin, 2007

This workout has four 10 minute cardio segments (kickboxing, retro aerobics, dance, and athletic intervals). There is also a 5 min warmup and a 5 min cooldown segment. Its fully programmable so you can mix and match as you like. I really like the fact that each 10 minute segment is a full 10 minutes of cardio-no warmup or cooldown-those are seperate segments. I use these as add-ons to other w/o's so a w/u and c/d would have been a waste of time IMO. There is a "music only" option if you dont want to listen to Denise.

Denise Austin is not known to be the best cuer, but she does pretty well in this one. None of the moves are complicated, most are pretty basic. Even the dance segment wasnt too difficult to follow (and Im NOT a dancer). Some dont like her but I enjoy alot of her w/o's.

The dance segment was the least challenging-probably beginner and the athletic the most-a solid intermediate. The workout as a whole is an intermediate w/o that can easily be modified up or down to fit your needs. Each segment has "mini-routines" in it that are repeated a few times and then you move on to a new routine.

The kickboxing segment includes a side lunge -punch combo, front and side kicks, jab and crosses, etc.

Retro Aerboics include old school classic aerobic moves: V-step, ponies, step touch, hamstring curls, etc.

Athletic intervals include: tire run, cross country skiing, side hops, etc. The moves build in intensity.

The dance segment has a lot of simple dance moves such as: mambo -chacha, chasse, side leap, etc


  1. Linds - I am SO, SO excited for the new Power Fit Harmony vids!!! :)

  2. Very, very excited for Harmony! I'm ordering 3 copies actually... one for me, my mom, and my good friend. Yay! Can't wait!!!

  3. I loved Stephanie as a Firm lead (Super Body Sculpt is one of my all time faves) and the original PowerFit is on my wish list.

  4. I LOVE Stephanie!! She was one of the reasons I started doing the FIRM. She, Lisa Kay,Jen Carmen,
    and Allie Del Rio are my all time fav's, probably b/c that was the fist BSS I bought (BBS 1).
    I am dying to get PowerFit Harmony, though!
    I have the original PowerFit, and I love it.
    I have been following Stephanie on her website, and on FB, and the progress of PFHarmony. Looks like fun.... I can't wait!!!!

  5. I LOVE Stephanie!!! JFArms is my #1 fav w/o dvd of all time. My mom & her DH do supersculpt! They got the FL just for that dvd and thats all they do for strength LOL!