Thursday, April 8, 2010

Barry's Bootcamp Lower Body Fat Blaster Review

Barry's Bootcamp Lower Body Fat Blaster
Barry Jay, Cindy Whitmarsh, 2008

Lower Body Fat Blaster is 21 minutes plus a short warmup. The moves are typical bootcamp type moves and each exercise lasts for only one minute with a 30 second break inbetween each exercise. The 30 seconds is used to set up for the next move-get or put away your ball & bands, etc. They alternate between strength and cardio moves. Cindy actually leads the workout and Barry walks around with form pointers and commentary. Cindy & Barry work well with each other. There are a lot of background exercises working out behind them. Cindy does the intermediate level and there is an advanced and beginner modifier.

Some of the strength moves included crabwalks w/ the band, squats, pliets & lunges w/ and w/out the band, etc. The cardio moves include, mountain climbers, one legged hops, jumping back and forth, tuck jumps, etc. These last for a full minute and some of them get TOUGH by the last 15 seconds!

Following the advanced modifier & using the black band this is a pretty tough w/o! The cardio is pretty hard core and my buns/ legs were still this AM from Tuesdays w/o! My heartrate gets way up there during some of these moves and stays pretty high for the entire 21 minutes. I would rate this w/o as a high intermediate following Cindy but can easily be modified up or down to suit your needs. Great for all levels and really packs a punch in a short amount of time!

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