Thursday, May 13, 2010

Custom Fit Interactive Training Review

Custom Fit - Interactive Training
David Snively, 2005

This dvd is comprised of segments from the Carribean Workouts TV show when David Snively was the lead. The dvd is fully customizable and allows you to choose from 12 twenty minute segments to customize your own 20, 40, or 60 minute workout or you can choose one of the premade options on the dvd. The cover boasts "over 1800 workout combinations"

David is leading the w/o's with the same 2 background girls. They all seem to be having a great time exercising on the beach or poolside in "beautiful Barbados". The scenery is beautiful. They use a variety of equipment: mini trampoline, tubing, dumbbells, stability ball, step, balance disc, etc. but they typically have a modifier that isnt using equipment. The dvd really provides a ton of options.

There are four cardio segments: "Hi lo aerobics" (floor aerobics). "Step training interval"- uses the step and includes high intensity bursts. "Cardio rhythm" is a dancier floor aerobic routine, and "mini trampoline" is a high intensity rebounding workout.

There are two bootcamp segments: "stability ball bootcamp" that uses the ball no dumbbells but does include body wieght exercises. And "medicine ball boot camp"-uses the med ball and is more cardio than strength work. I really like the med ball w/o.

There are three mind/boy segments: "pilates mat"-floor & standing pilates work. The background girls do the moves and David walks around w/ nice form pointers. "stability ball yoga" has some challenging ball moves but they do show a modifier. And "Power yoga" is a similar format to pilates mat.

There are 3 strength segments: "Step strength" that uses a body bar and a step bench. "Tubing strength" uses tubing a 2 balance discs in part of it. "Stability Ball Strength" uses dumbbells and a ball.

The w/o's are high energy and quick moving. I would say these are high intermediate w/o's. They are fun and upbeat. Davids cuing is very good. He seems a little cocky for some reason, but that could just be my impression LOL-but I still like him as a lead. I like that he walks around w/ form pointers in the mind/body segments.


  1. Have to go with the Cookies and Cream flavor.
    I had my first Oreo milkshake when pregnant with my first son over 30 years ago and was immediately hooked.

  2. Hey Lindsey,

    I e-mailed you. Did you get it?

  3. I've had "Custom Fit" on my wishlist ever since I read your review - you enabler, you! I was lucky enough to receive it recently in a VF trade. I haven't had the opportunity to do any of it yet, but it looks great on preview.

    And I agree that David Snively seems a little cocky - but then he's extremely fit and very good-looking, so it's only to be expected. ;-)

  4. Hi Lindsey,

    Wow that recipe looks yummy. I think all of the flavors sound delish. But the chocolate peanut butter would be my first choice.

  5. Barb, I ALMOST got the cookies & cream but got the PB choco-which is soooo good. Next time I will get cookies & cream. Also want to try the choco mint. yummmm
    Maria, Emailed you back :) thank you for all the good info!!!!
    Red, Ok so Im not alone thinking that about David, but ya he is pretty cute and FIT! Cant wait to hear how you like it. Do you have Sharon Manns The Works-similar set up.
    Jenn, the choco PB is SO freaking good-I highly reccomend it!

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  7. Lindsey - I have a couple of questions about Sharon Mann's "The Works" Gift Set (I see your review there at Amazon!)

    Is the Gift Set 3 or 4 DVDs? The descriptions sounds as though it's 3 DVDs, but the image on Amazon shows 4 DVDs.

    Also, have you had any problems with the DVDs not playing properly? Thanks!

  8. Don't worry - I just found the "Everything Sharon Mann/The Works" thread at VF!

    Posting the link in case anyone else feels themselves being enabled.