Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The FIRM Ultimate Calorie Blaster Review

The FIRM: Ultimate Calorie Blaster
Stephanie Huckabee, 2005

This is a 45 minute cardio workout that was originally released with the 4th Body Sculpting System put out by the Firm. It came with the TransFirmer step. You will need a light set of dumbbells and the TransFirmer step for this workout. Stephanie leads with 4 background exercisers and Alison shows the beginner modificaitons. There is also an 8 minute bonus ab workout on the dvd that is led by Alison.

Stephanie really keeps things interesting and moving right along. As with many Firm workouts-you move from floor aerobics, step aerobics, tall box climbs, light 4 limb work on and off the step, incline step aerobics, and a lunge/ squat combo w/ light weights on the incline box. There is also a nice ab section at the end that includes plank & side plank work.

The music is good and basically I love this workout! Stephanie is an awesome lead! Her cueing is great and she has a pleasant demeanor. The set is bright white and open/spacious. I always work up a great sweat during this workout and get a good calorie burn.

I would rate this solid intermediate workout done as is. If you add some extra plyos, jumps on the step, more arm movements during the tall box work, and use the 8 inch section of the TF when they use the 6-you can get a GREAT workout. This workout would also be easy to modify down for beginners.


  1. Yep I know what it's like to have those weeks when you think the day will never end in work. I've changed jobs now so I no longer do 9 to 5s and work two long overnights a week which means this week ( I worked last night until lunch today) I'm not in work until Sunday!!! Happy Days.

  2. I left my job 13 years ago and then got connected on the internet so never got bored. Do not miss working at all, never did, never will. Have a great weekend!

    Everyday is a weekend for me :)

  3. ah I am envious of you both....One day I would like to do something I dont hate LOL. My DREAM is to: teach cake decorating classes, sell cakes, and teach group fitness classes. Seems pretty balanced-eat cake, exercise, eat cake, exercise...

  4. I would like to try both of the cardio pumps and I am eagerly awaiting ASC 4.

  5. I'm liking it "eat cake, exercise, eat cake, exercise"!! I think that if you want to teach cake decorating classes ( you have a real talent for it). Just go for it, you could always put up an ad in your local store and mention that you could call to people and teach them cake decorating classes. Alternatively, you could check out your local evening class college and see if you could do an hour a week teaching. That way you can keep your regular job on and just see how you get on with the cake decorating teaching. Have you the ACE group fitness certification or anyone of the certifications for fitness? I say you'd be a great teacher for fitness and very motivating.