Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Review: Amy Bento's Abs & Stretch (Abs 2)

Today's Review: Amy Bento's Abs & Stretch (Abs 2)
Amy Bento, 2006

This dvd has 2 ab sections and 2 stretch segments that you can mix and match or play all. The set is a nice open room with hardwood floors with some fitness props around the perimeter. There are 2 background exercisers. I love that the segments are short-they are perfect to use as add ons to other workouts or to string together for a longer workout.

Abs 2: This is a 15 minute core workout-you will need a stability ball & dumbbell for part of it. Amy starts off with a tough plank series-after holding plank pose you move into plank with a hip raise, plank w/ a knee twist, and a slow mountain climber. This part reminded me of some of Jillian Michaels core work.

After the plank work you move into ab work on the ball. You do a nice crunch variation, then rollouts on your knees w/ your elbows on the ball. Then you do a weighted dumbbell crunch of the ball a dumbbell chop, and some various weighted twisting moves on the ball. Then you put your feet on the ball and drop your legs from side to side working your obliques.

For only 15 minutes you really get quite a bit of variety and my abs/obliques felt thouroughly worked by the end of this sucker! I really like the plank work because it works a lot of muscles (very efficient) including your entire core, shoulders, triceps, and more. I also really enjoyed the ball work because though I have 3 variations of stability balls I actually have very few w/o's that utilize them. Again, this ab work was unique and fun while still being challenging.


  1. Glad Hello Kitty isn't retiring!

  2. Oh my word I think I would have cried for hours if hello kitty retired!


  3. Susan & FMF: you and me both!!!!

  4. Thank you for clearing up that nasty Hello Kitty rumor! Cute tattoos!

  5. Bonus entry: Dynamic Series.

  6. The name of Amy's upcoming series is the Dynamic series.

  7. Thank goodness Kitty is here to stay it seems! FYI, here's the article in the NY Times. I think the headline is misleading. The article states that the company is not getting rid if Hello Kitty, just looking for new characters to make up for a decline in popularity.