Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The FIRM: Maximum Cardio Review

The FIRM: Maximum Cardio
Carissa Foster, 1999

This is a 46 minute mostly cardio workout from the Firm. Its led by Carissa Foster with a group of background exercisers. The set is the old Firm mansion set. You will need a short & tall step, a small weighted ball, and a variety of dumbbells. They also use a barbell but I consider it optional and just use dumbbells because I dont have a barbell.

You go through a series of different cardio routines: floor aerobics, light 4 limb work, step aerobics, ball aerobics, and some tall box climbs. Some of the routines are the same that Jen does in Super Cardio ("sports drill" w/ the ball).

After about 35 minutes of cardio you move into some barbell work-which I find odd in a cardio workout, but because its a Firm (masters/ creators of Aerobic Weight Training) its expected. So you grab your barbell and do about 10 minutes of leg press, upright row, and lunges. She also does some pushups and tricep dips and finishes with some ab work and a stretch.

I use this as a cardio workout so I usually just do the first 35 minutes of cardio and then forward to the ab work, skipping the strength work altogether.

Carissa is a good lead and cues well. I would rate this workout a solid intermediate and I worked up a nice sweat with it. It is enjoyable and fun and the music is upbeat.


  1. the special today on Totalfitnessdvds is the same as yesterday's so far so may change later:

    Have to know where these adorable kitty pictures and captions come from? Do you create them???

  2. Hi Barb, Here is the website: http://icanhascheezburger.com/
    I signed up for their daily emails to get a nice laugh each morning! :)

  3. OK the new daily special at totalfitnessdvds is now
    Fighting Fit Fighting Fat.

    I happen to have and really like this one cuz it is a great alternative to typical walking workouts and very rebounder friendly.

    thanks for the kitty LOL link!

  4. She's been listing several as shown by her Facebook page feed at the bottom of the page - here's the latest:

    Todays special is Fighting Fit Fighting Fat for $2.99

  5. Mary's special today is Harvey Walden's Fighting Fit Fighting Fat for $2.99. I had never heard of this one before so I had to watch the clip. Barb, you are right, this would be good on the rebounder!

  6. Ok Im going to have to go watch the clip now- I need more rebounding w/o's! You guys are such enablers ;)

  7. Todays super deal is fighting fit fighting fat with instructor Harvey Walden.

  8. The special today is "Fighting Fit, Fighting Fat Harvey Walden DVD"