Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The FIRM: Fat Burning Sculpting Ball Workout Review

The FIRM: Fat Burning Sculpting Ball Workout
Tina Smalley, 2006 

This is a 30 minute AWT workout led by Tina with 4 background exercisers, Alison shows the beginner modifications. This dvd was originally released with a 4, 6, or 8 lb soft weighted ball; that is the only prop you will need for this workout

After a nice warmup using the ball you move right into the first sculpting set. I use an 8 lb ball for this workout and while I can feel my lower body getting worked using my body weight + the 8 lb ball, you cant really work the upper body too well. After the strength segment you move into a good little cardio segment. I enjoyed the cardio in this one and it did get my heartrate up. There are plyos and you can modify up the lower impact moves if you want to kick it up a notch. After some standing ab work you finish with a floor strength segment that includes ab/core work and some bridge work.

Tina uses the ball alot in this workout and finds fun ways to incorporate it into the workout making this a fun and unique workout. Its great for a day when you are maybe a little sore from your last workout but want to get some strength work in with your cardio. I was thinking of adding it to an UB w/o to get full body strength and cardio in 60 minutes. I would rate this a solid intermediate w/o that you can easily modify up or down to suit your needs.


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    Love all the cards - please tell us a bit more about the butterfly one. Is that a punch of patterned paper? I suppose it's done with a Cuttlebug or the like. I don't have one of those, only punches. Very cute cards. Glad you made it to stamp camp. I need to make some cards for upcoming birthdays.

    Great review too, btw.

  5. Karen, thanks!! The butterfly was made w/a cuttlebug but a punch would work too. We actually stamped it w/ a big stamp and then filled it in w/ pastels but patterned paper would work just fine...I also need to get working on more cards. I just made a craft date w/ a friend in a few weeks time!

    WISH we lived closer so we could craft together sometime!

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