Friday, June 18, 2010

The FIRM: Supercharged Sculpting Review

The FIRM: Supercharged Sculpting
Pam Cauthen Meriwether, 2005

This dvd originally came with the TransFirmer (TF) set. It is a 40 minute all sculpting workout led by Pam with 4 background exercisers. Alison provides the beginner modifications. You will need your TF and a range of dumbbells. This is a fun workout and the time really flys. I couldnt believe 40 minutes had passed when she started the stretch this AM. The dvd also has a bonus 8 minute stretch w/o on it.

After a nice warmup and brief stretch Pam moves into lower body work that includes lunges onto the incline, squats, leg press, and tall box climb. She also does a dip segment where you have the 6 inch section of the TF behind the blue section. You dip off the green section and tap your toe onto the blue section.

After the lower body set you move into some ab work and then start on the upper body work. She does some lying upper body work -pec fly w/ variation, ribcage pullover etc. Then you do some clean and press, overhead press, bicep curls, lat row variations, tricep kickbacks, tricep dips, etc. After the upper body work you close with another ab section that includes plank & side planks. Then you move right into your stretch.

I would rate this a solid intermediate w/o but you can easily use heavier or lighter weights to fit your needs or change the intensity. She goes slow enough to accomodate heavier weights but she does move along between exercises quickly.


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