Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stephanie Huckabees PowerFit Harmony Lower Body Review

PowerFit Harmony Lower Body
Stephanie Huckabee, 2010

PowerFit Harmony is a 10 dvd set that includes 3 bands & literature. All the workouts are 20 minutes & led by Stephanie with 2 background exercisers. I really LOVE the set. Its a very nice open room with cute decor around the edges-if I were rich, this would be my dream home gym :) They utilize an exercise band and thats all you will need! These workouts has a real Firm feel to them-which is a huge plus in my book! The intensity for me seemed to fall between the original PowerFit workouts and the Firm 6 pack workouts- a lower intermediate/ high beginner intensity. But you can choose your band so you can up the intensity of the strength w/o's.

Lower Body Blast: This is a 20 minute lower body band workout led by Stephanie with 2 background exercisers. The set is awesome-open and inviting. There is a warmup & cooldown included in the 20 minutes but besides that it is nonstop lower body band work! I really upped the intensity here by adding a 20# weighted vest to the band work and I will definately feel it tomorrow-this impresses me because I would normally be using two 20# dumbbells for LB work, so w/ only 1/2 the poundage + the band and in ONLY 20 minutes-my LB was sufficiently worked!

Stephanie starts with some band squats and goes into a nice leg abduction-which you can make more challenging by using the band on the leg youre lifting, a close stance squat, some fast tempo squats, running dips, crab walk type squats w/ the band, pliets, and walking lunges. Before the cooldown she does some table floor work. I added ankle weights and really felt the burn here! Done as is: I would rate this a low intermediate/ high beginner w/o. BUT I got a high intermediate w/o w/ the above mod's.


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