Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The FIRM: Slim & Trim Powerball Kit Review

The FIRM: Slim & Trim Powerball Kit
Tina Smalley, 2008

This is a 40 minute functional fitness workout led by Tina with 4 background exercisers, Emily provides the beginner modifications. The set is the darker marble-esque floor w/ a grayish blue background. You will only need the ball for this workout. The dvd comes with a 4 lb pink med ball. The dvd also has a 20 minute express w/o on it.

I like this workout used as a functional fitness type workout. I was still a bit sore from my last strength w/o so I did it this today and it was a perfect fit. There is some lower body body-weight work (+ the 4 lb ball) and some UB "work" w/ the ball (4 lbs is just not heavy enough to really do much IMO). You will do a lot of multi muscle moves that will get your heart rate up -lunges and dips while chopping the ball and raising it overhead, full form squats, squats w/ an upright row, side lunges with a bicep curl, a bowling type squat, fencing lunges, etc.

The w/o really has a functional feel IMO-like i said a lot of multi muscle moves with light weight. A lot of core focused moves: twisting, chopping, etc. There are also some touching the floor moves, pushups w/ one hand on the ball, "gorilla walks" while in plank, and other "functional" type moves.

The cardio is good in this one. More challenging and heart pumping than a lot of the "pink" Firms. Some toe taps on the ball, plyos, jumping squats, side steps, and a lot of the lower body work also gets the heart rate up.

I would rate this a solid intermediate workout with the option to up or down the intensity pretty easily. I wouldnt consider it a strength w/o though. I like Tina as a lead-her cueing is lacking a bit but its all pretty straight forward and athletic so not too hard to follow. She does "whoo" a lot in this and there is a few bad camera angles and you can hear their shoes clicking, but I still like the w/o and should use it more