Monday, June 7, 2010

I've Been Tagged- Me in 3's

Lindsey Lu
Me in Threes: Lindsey Lu

Three names I go by: Lindsey, Lu, and Dear

Three jobs I've had: waitress (at too many restaurants to recall), English teacher in Japan, Mortgage Funder at CountryWide (when they still existed)

Three places I've been:
Vung Tao Vietnam
Sydney Australia
Tioman Island Malaysia

Three movies I love: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, GoodFellas, Crash

Three shows I can't miss (aka DVR them bad boys): Cold Case, The Office, Criminal Minds

Three hobbies I do in my spare time: cake decorating, card making, fitness dvds

Three things I am really, really looking forward to: VACATION (any and all), My family coming to visit (mom in August and sister & nephew in Jan), My honeymoon we never took (date still TBA)


  1. Nice!!! You have the most colorful, action-packed blog. It's a visual treat. And thanks for the really nice plug.

  2. Ask and ye shall receive:


  3. Great blog Lindsey, I'm liking the 3s theme, I'm waiting for my next man to arrive who will be number 3. Have had two serious long term relationships and loads and loads of dates so it's time for guy number 3 who will be the one to arrive.

  4. I cannot even play cuz do not have 3 blogs to tag!

  5. Barb, you can still play (just skip the last Q-noone will ever know!)
    thanks for the tag Claire. Thanks for keeping it going Maria. Susan, heres to man #3!!!!!!!

  6. You liked Cold Sassy Tree... I mean, excuse me, it is one of your faves?!?!... crazy! I had a hard time reading that book, I made my mom read it so she could help me with the classwork revolving around it... We had to make some sort of project out of the book, so a friend and I created a giant candy landy board and called it "Cold Sassy Land"... lmao... thanks for the flashbacks!

    I love your blog... just slowly reading through old posts... congrats on your weight loss (not the loss so much as the maintenance)... you look fantasic!