Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sharon Mann: The Works Cardio Review

Sharon Mann, 2002

This is part of Sharon's Mann The Works set. The dvd is customizable and you can create your own workout. There are also a few premade workouts already on the dvd.

You choose 1 of 4 warmups (step, hi-lo, etc), then you choose 1 of 8 "cardio one" segments (athletic step, interval, hi-lo, low impact, etc), then you choose 1 of 8 "cardio two" segments-these are different from the "cardio one" options (step, bootcamp, boxing, kickboxing, etc), then you choose 1 of 4 cooldowns (tai chi, athletic, yoga in a chair, etc). These all go together to create your own 30 minute workout. Some of the interval or bootcamp segments have strength moves in them as well as cardio.

The segments are taken from Sharon's old exercise TV show. When a commercial break is up you see a blue screen with a motivational saying on it (Way to go!, Keep it up!, etc). It is brief and doesn't bother me at all.

There are 4 background exercisers. Two show advanced options and two show low impact options-and don't use a step in those segments. Sharon shows the intermediate option but does add power to many of her moves. I think a lot of the segments (the step segments come to mind) can definitely be advanced when you follow those mods. The kickboxing and boxing are not as intense but still a good w/o IMO.

Sharon has a nice energy and demeanor. I like her as a lead in this dvd. She is a pretty good cuer and I wasn't lost in any of the moves. The moves are not dancy, more athletic and straight forward. I had no trouble with any of the moves. Its a fast paced w/o that burns a lot of calories for me.


  1. Hi Lindsey!

    Yes, I did get "The Works" - haven't had time to do any of it yet, but it looks good on preview. I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of it.

    Glad to see you gave it a five-star rating.

  2. Look forward to hearing your thoughts-Hope you like it since I played a part in enabling :)

  3. Love ExerciseTV! Thanks for the post :) GREAT BLOG!