Thursday, July 29, 2010

CSN Stores Product Review!

I was lucky enough to try out some fantastic products from CSN Stores!!! I had a difficult time deciding what to pick for my review - afterall they have over 200 stores to choose from!


I finally decided on these two lovely items for my cake decorating hobby. I got the Nordicware Kitchenware 16" Stackable Cooking Rack Set:

Thats my raspberry lemonade cake cooling on the rack! I chose this rack because its stackable and saves space. When Im making cakes, I have bowls, racks, pans, and utensils everwhere so I really appreciate the space saving this cooling rack offers. I can also use this for cookies, breads, or any other baked goods Im working on. The "legs" snap on and off with ease & click right into place so you know they're secure. You can also use the racks side by side or one at a time!

But thats not all! I ALSO had the pleasure of trying out this AWESOME (much needed) Frieling Cake Butler.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this carrier! When I have cake class I have to take the cake from home, to the office, to cake class, and then back home. So as you can imagine-I desperately needed a nice carrier & am happy to report I FOUND IT! The handles fold down onto the sides and click right into place when you arent using them. The lid stays on tightly -how do I know? Well ask the lady that cut me off this morning- as I slam on my brakes, the cake goes tumbling off my car seat onto the floor (luckily I had already cut into it and was just bringing it to coworkers to snack on). Not one crumb fell out of this case and the handles stayed in place perfectly! Disaster avoided!

I also like the fact that the top of the cover is flat so you can stack things on it- like your turntable while decorating. Its nice to bring the cake up to eye level so you can see what youre working on while decorating. Some of the carriers Ive seen arent flat so you cant put anything on top of them.

While your at it, check out CSN Stores Health & Fitness Section! They have over 200 fitness dvds and they have The Firm Wave for under $60! And stay tuned fora possible CSN Stores giftcard giveaway coming soon on my blog!!!

I was impressed by the shipping speed and ease of use on their website and happily reccomend CSN Stores to my blog friends!


  1. Love the colour of your cake!! I did Exercise Tv's Slimdown Fast this morning- I did Cindys and Jessica's section. I really liked it, I think Jessica's section was a bit harder and I liked the weight exercises. I didn't like doing the cardio on the mat for the crunches and bicycles but apart from that, it was a great workout. I agree with you, it's probably more cardio and I tried to go heavy with the weights. Have you heard of Michele Carmichael? Tempted to buy her Flexfuel workout. I have to limit myself to buying just one or two fitness dvds a month but it's hard.

  2. I like most all the Ex TV w/o's! cant wait for more from them...I have not heard of Michele Carmichael, I am trying not to buy much these days and my collection is seriously too large. Not much catches my eye anymore-which is good and bad...I look forward to hearing how you like it though :) Maybe it will convince me to buy!