Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vitalicious Muffins & Brownies Shout Out (& future giveaway!)

 I am pleased to introduce another healthy company to you: Vitalicious! And stay tuned for a Vitalicious giveaway next week on my blog!

I had the wonderful opportunity to recently try the Vitalicious brand muffins and brownies. Vitalicious is an awesome company that offers healthy low fat, low calorie treats YUM! I have a sweet tooth and am always looking for low fat healthy ways to satisfy it- I'm happy to report that Vitalicious has done it!

Vitalicious products are available for purchase on their website and at some select Costco locations! They are sold frozen so theyre always fresh! I enjoy mine popped in the toaster or microwave :) My personal favorites are the golden corn, fudgy peanut butter, and chocolate mint VitaTops!

Their product categories include:

VitaTops (muffin tops) in a HUGE variety of flavors: apple crumb, fudgy peanut butter, deep chocolate, raisin bran, chocolate mint, banana nut, golden corn, banana fudge,  triple chocolate, and MORE!

VitaMuffins: CranBran, BlueBran, Apple Berry, Sugar Free Velvety Chocolate, Sugar Free Banana Nut, and MORE!
VitaBrownies and and VitaCakes:  Deep Velvety Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Pomegranite, Dreamy Drizzle Chocolate and MORE!

VitaMixes: Bake up your favorite Vitalicious products at home! In many of the popular varieties above. I can not wait to try these! They are on my wishlist for sure.

They even have VitaCoffee and a recipe section with tons of awesome recipe ideas! Stay tuned because Vitalicious is generously offering one of my blog readers a sampler pack that includes a HUGE variety VitaTops and VitaBrownies. For a bonus entry for the giveaway that will start next week, leave a comment on this post letting me know youre interested!


  1. Love, love, love the VitaTops! I would love to win this one so I can try more of their products!

  2. I'd like to try their products too.

  3. YUM - these look delish! Count me in.

  4. always interested in something tasty and healthy

  5. Brownies the so Good things in life
    Got to try them. .....

  6. I'm interested!

    ropp dot 5 at wright dot edu