Wednesday, July 21, 2010

YumNuts Naturals Shout Out & DISCOUNT CODE!

I am pleased to introduce a company that I am absolutely in love with YumNuts Naturals- Reading the name you know why I love them. Nuts and natural, need I say more! I recently had the opportunity to try the YumNuts Toasted Coconut cashews and oh my gosh-SOOOOO good. DH loves them too (yes I hid them from him, you know men have a hard time finding things in the kitchen so I'm in luck). I will defiantly be ordering more so I can share them with DH as these are the perfect snack for him so he can put down the potato chips and pick up some healthy, natural cashews.

The toasted coconut flavor is subtle at first and gets more delicious as you chew. I LOVE LOVE LOVE coconut so these were the ultimate treat for me!

The main reason I love YumNuts (besides their delicious nuts) is because they don't use added oils, artificial flavors, and aren't cooked in peanut oils (they re cashews after all- I don't want to taste peanuts in my cashews!). But also because they are a SMALL company ran by 3 men who created yumnuts with a passion for not only cashews but also for healthy REAL food.

I'm always excited to find natural foods without a bunch of faux food chemical additives that we all know are not good for us. And when I find a natural healthy snack that aslo tastes delicious well- I'm sold!

I can not wait to try their other flavors:

Chocolate (YUM!)
Chili Lime (next on my list)

YumNuts Naturals also offers a four pack Variety Pack and can be purchased on and on

Why are YumNuts soooooo good?

And YumNuts Naturals has generously extended a 25% off code for my blog readers! So head on over and get yourself some. Use the code "SayYum25" from now until August 25th to receive a 25% discount on your YumNuts order!

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  1. Yum they look tasty, pity you can't get them here in Ireland.

  2. These yumnuts are amazing. Tastiest cashews I have ever had....oh and there also made in a healthy way....whats not to like!