Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The FIRM: Core Solutions Review

The FIRM: Core Solutions
Alison Davis, 2007 

This is a 32 minute dvd that has three separate 10 to 11 minute ab/core workouts. Alison leads with 2 background exercisers (Rebecca & Sue Mi) Sue Mi shows the beginner modifications. The set is the TransFirmation set-white brick walls with foggy windows. You will need a set of light dumbbells for this dvd. The dvd is not mix and match so you cant program them all together.

Standing Abs: is first (11 minutes) and as the title suggests is all ab work done standing. This section was really fun as I love standing ab work . It included some twisting, side lunges, and pliet and reach, among other moves.

Functional Core: is 10 minutes and my favorite of the three sections! It is VERY unique from other ab workouts I have. You do a walking plank into a side plank, weighted crunches, weighted V-sits, V- sit while passing the dumbbell through your legs, etc. The two moves I enjoyed the most were: a needle thread while on all fours and an elevator plank-both tough!

Classic Abs: is an 11 minute more traditional ab workout that includes: a pec fly and leg extension, upper & lower crunch combos, some oblique work, a side leg lift sequence, and a backstroke move. This segment though more traditional, still contained some nice unique ab work.

I would rate this as intermediate. I like Alison as a lead and she cues well and has a nice demeanor in all her w/o's IMO.


  1. That's a cool tip to whiten your teeth with a banana peel, I've never heard of that before. Great review of Core Solutions, my core is definitely my problem area, I have fairly toned arms and legs but a very weak core. My lower back always compensates and with most of the ab exercise, I can't feel anything in my abs just in my lower back. Especially with the plank, it is soo painful for my lower back and when I do a push up, my stomach just hangs, I can't pull it in. Just ordered 10 minute solution tummy dvd with Jessica Smith so I'm hoping that will do something for me. What part of the body would be your weakest and what would be your strongest?

  2. I havent tried the banana peel thing but it does sound cool doesnt it!...My weak point would have to be pushups for sure! At one point I was doing quite a few on my toes but now Im doing them all on my knees :( I need to get back to trying to push myself harder on those...My biggest weakness is sweets though LOL!!!! I hope you like Tummy Toners-I LOVE it and get a ton of use out of it. :)

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