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Jari Love Review: Get Ripped to the Core

Get Ripped to the Core
Jari Love, 2006

This 60 min strength w/o features Jari working out w/ 3 background exercisers (2 females, 1 male) in a nice sunken set -above is a sitting area w/ a couch. Each exerciser shows a different modification most of the time. Jari uses dumbbells, one uses a barbell, and one uses a barbell plate (seems kinda awkward to me). You need some kind of weights and a step for this workout.

This is a low-weight high-rep strength workout that at times got my heart pumping nicely. I used 8-10 lb dumbbells. She is very keen on doing multi joint/ muscle moves because they burn more "fat & carbs." This is the 2nd time Ive done a Jari w/o and I liked this one better than the other I tried.

While I liked the strength work in this a few things bothered me. First, before each exercise set you get a screen with a list of the muscles being worked and a guy doing a demo-seems nice but it goes on for far too long and I cant imagine wanting or needing to see this every time you do the dvd. Then after that they go to Jari & crew but you have to listen to Jari talking about how the moves she is combining burned XXX amount of calories and carbs. And then the work finally begins. I personally dont need to hear any of that and its kindof irrelevant/ unnecessary because we all know we burn more calories by adding a squat to a bicep curl. And we all burn a different # of calories. Then after each set they do some stretching-more wasted time IMO.

Like I said I liked the actual strength work but could go w/out all the above. The work itself is solid though I had a bit of trouble w/ poundage and just ended up going w/ the weight Jari was using most of the time (usually 8 lb DBs). I did like that while Jari talked about caloric burn the screen showed what poundage each person was using. Its hard to know what weight to use for some of the compound moves.

The work includes a side squat- dip combo, push up -walking pushup combo, chest press w/ your hips off the ground, wide squat - upright row combo, side squat off the step- delt lift combo, basic step (on the bench) with an overhead press, triceps kickback (on all 4s) with a knee pull/ leg lift to work the abs, and you finish with ab work that includes plank, superman, and crunch variations.

Even w/ the negatives I posted above I think Ill keep this one and just take full advantage of the FF button on my remote to "get to the point." Even thinking I wouldnt I liked Jari as a lead. Her cueing is good and she has a nice demeanor. Its hard to rate this one because you just adjust your poundage accordingly but I wouldnt say it would be really appropriate for beginners. I would say solid intermediate done as is.

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  1. Great review of Jari's workout, I agree with what you wrote and how annoying it was to have the man talking about the muscles before the exercise and the long stretching. Loved doing 10 minute solution ultimate bootcamp this morning. Have Jessica's tummy dvd and hip, thigh and belly busters on order.

  2. Im glad you enjoyed the BC w/o-you will have to let me know how you like the hip, thigh & Belly busters. I dont have that one, but its on my wishlist :)