Friday, August 13, 2010

The FIRM: Total Body Lite (aka Cardio Sculpt Fusion) Review

The FIRM: Total Body Lite (aka Cardio Sculpt Fusion)
Emily Welsh, 2007

This is a 45 minute recovery workout led by Emily with 4 background exercisers. Sue Mi shows beginner modifications. This w/o is unique IMO- it combines light low impact cardio, light 4 limb & strength work, and a bit of flexibility & ab work. The set is hardwood floors, white walls, and window set. You will need a couple sets of light handweights for this workout.

This workout is not a challenging workout at all. It is what it is- a light recovery w/o. And if used for just that  I think it serves its purpose perfectly. It could also be used as an intro to the Firm for beginners or for recovering from an injury, etc.

I really like that a lot of the moves in this w/o are new, fresh and unique without complicated choreo. The little cardio routines were fun and easy to catch onto and she combined some interesting light dumbbell work as well. Before a nice stretch you go down to the floor for some ab and chest work. She does intersperse a bit of stretching throughout the workout as well. She includes some lunge, dip, and squat combos with light UB work throughout to keep in the Firm spirit.

I would rate this a beginner workout as far as intensity, though if you really wanted to you could easily add impact and use heavier weights. Is this a must have? Not really. Do I use it often? No. Do I keep it around for the times I need something lighter? Yes. It really is perfect for those days when you need to w/o but cant muster up enough energy for something harder. While I actually normally like Emily as a lead-she seems a bit fakey in this one and says some cornball things. Her cueing is good though.


  1. I have a four day weekend that started today. Woot woot! Went to the splash park with DH and DD today, company picnic on Sunday and resting and enjoying some gorgeous summer weather the rest of the weekend. Have a great one!


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