Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review: Hit the Spot Pilates by Denise Austin

Hit the Spot Pilates
Denise Austin, 2005

Denise leads this workout with one or more backgrounders (depending on the segment) in various outdoor settings. I like the outdoor sets she uses. The dvd is 75 minutes long with 6 ten minute segments and one 15 minute segment. The dvd is fully programable so you can mix and match as well as "play all." You wont need any equipment for this workout.

There are three 10 minute core/ab segments that get increasinginly more difficult. There are also three 10 minute lower body segments-hips, thighs, and buttocks. Most all the segments include some standing and floor work. The 15 minute segment is a bonus routine that I *think* is new footage (will check tonight and report back).

I am no pilates pro so keep that in mind but I really enjoy this dvd because of its versatility and the nice outdoor setting. Denise isnt really annoying or overly chatty either (I dont think she said burn butter once). I like using segments of this dvd to add on to other w/o's or to string together. I would rate this an intermediate pilates w/o but I may not be the best judge :)


  1. "Hit the Spot Pilates" was one of the first workout DVDs I bought. I sold it because I found Denise too annoying, but apparently she's at her least annoying in this one.

    "Burn butter"? Eeeww! - remind me never to buy another of her workouts!

  2. This dvd looks like it offers a lot of flexibility. I've recently started incorporating pilates - I used to dislike pilates but it has really grown on me. Plus I love outdoor settings for workouts. May have to look for one... thanks for enabling me - again!

  3. Haha Red- I know DA is not a fav but for some reason I can tolerate her. Lack of cueing, annoying phrases and all! My 1st vhs was a Paula Abduel dance cardio and Firm Vol 1.

    Karen, Im trying to stimulate the economy LOL! I wish there were more outdoor settings in the types of w/o's I enjoy :)