Monday, August 16, 2010

Review: Denise Austin's Blast Away 10 Lbs.

Blast Away 10 Lbs.
Denise Austin, 2005
This dvd has two 20 minute workouts on it. The first one is kickboxing inspired and the other is intervals of floor aerobics and light strength traning. Denise uses only 1 set of dumbbells for w/o 2 and no equipment for w/o 1. These w/os were taken from her old TV show. The set is a stage w/ bright pink lights in the background (reminds me of the Flamingo in Vegas). The kickboxing workout has a variety of b/g exercisers-male & female and the interval w/o has 1 male & 1 female b/ger. You can select chapter to start the w/o at any time & you can play all.
I saw this dvd at Fry's Electronics and bought it on a whim-when I was looking for less intense add-on type dvds. It fits this bill perfectly. Its by no means a must have but its a fun little no brainer w/o for days when you dont have a lot of time or to add on to other w/o's.
You will see the normal kickboxing fare: jab, cross, side kick, back kick, front kick, knee strike, elbow block, upper cut, hook, etc. She strings the moves together into nice little routine in the kickboxing w/o. The 20 minutes goes by quickly.
The interval w/o is pretty generic- you do 3 minutes of floor cardio followed by 1 minute of light dumbell work. For the cardio, she does a kickboxing segment, some plyo moves, and other basic cardio. The strength moves are nothing exciting and not enough strength work to count for much.
Despite the lackluster review I actually like this dvd. The kickboxing w/o is great to add on to a challenging cardio w/o and the interval w/o works nicely added to a strength w/o. If you are lukewarm about Denise-this is not the w/o for you. She is very perky, chatty, and her cueing is pretty darn bad. Its a non-serious w/o and can be enjoyed if you take it that way. I would rate this intermediate because of some of the impact but I think beginners would be fine.

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