Thursday, September 2, 2010

The FIRM: Total Muscle Shaping Review

Firm Total Muscle Shaping
Stephanie Huckabee, 2004 

This is a 50 minute strength and cardio workout-I'd say about 75% strength & 25% cardio but a lot of the strength work got my heart pumping nicely. Stephanie works out on the BSS3 set (raised platforms and white walls) with 4 background exercisers, Libby shows the beginner modifications. You will need an incline box and a variety of dumbbells for this workout.

The workout is mostly strength work with some nice cardio sets mixed in. She does a lot of the typical Firm moves like dips, lunges, leg press and combines the lower body work with some nice upper body work like clean and press, overhead tricep extension, and bicep curls. There is a nice set of lying work-mostly done on the incline including pec fly, bench press, ab work, push ups, and tricep dips. The cardio is done on the floor, on the step, and on the incline step and is your typical Firm fare.

I really enjoy this workout and Stephanie is one of my all time favorite instructors. She cues well and its a fun and challenging workout. I would rate this a solid to high intermediate if you give it your all. Stephanie includes plenty of power options for most all the moves. She also goes slow enough to really heavy up (for Firm standards).

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