Monday, November 1, 2010

Tamilee Webb: Fit to the Hits Motown Moves Workout Review

Fit to the Hits Motown Moves
Tamilee Webb, 2002

This is a 30 minute floor cardio routine led by Tamilee w/ 4 background exercisers. They work out in a nice open space with hardwood floors and blue stairs & pillars in the background.  You wont need any equipment for this w/o. The dvd I have (collectors edition) has a bonus cardio w/o from another Tamilee w/o and it has a music only option.

This dvd features songs such as "heard it through the grapevine," "Uptight," "Signed, Sealed Delivered," "Cant' Help Myself" and a few other Motown songs. The moves are straight forward floor cardio- its a bit dancy- but I definately would not say its a dance w/o. Some of the moves include: mambo, grapevine, cha-cha's, marching/ jogging in place, V steps & variations, pivots, step touch, etc. She makes good use of space- and keeps you moving front to back & side to side to up the intensity a bit.

This is a great, fun, high energy workout. The selection of music is awesome but the dvd I have the music is almost too low to hear over Tamilee's instruction. I will definatley be using the music only option next time. I really do wish the music was louder- since thats kind of the point of this w/o. Having said that- I do enjoy the w/o and think it would adapt nicely to a rebounder. I used weighted gloves & added some plyos & arm movements and got a solid intermediate w/o. Done as is I would say this is a high beginner w/o. Tamilee is a great lead and her cueing was spot on. I received this dvd from Natural Journeys for my review.


  1. Love the cop and prisoner themed costumes!

  2. Very cute costume, Lindsey! Looks like you guys had a ball!

  3. thanks ladies! It was a lot of fun :)