Monday, December 20, 2010

Started My Firm Express Rotation!

Today: Started my Firm Express Rotation. So far I really like it! Its definitely different from other Firms, so I can really see getting some great results by shaking up my normal routine. I left my notes at home :( so I can't post my 1st few reviews today, but they will be up soon. Plan to do a 30 day rotation. The Firm was kind enough to send me a set to review!!!! Woohoo.

My initial impressions are: 
  • Time goes by very quickly w/ these! Even combining 2- the 40 minutes flew by. 
  • Definitely different from other Firms
  • Solid intermediates, but like all Firms- ability to modify up or down very easily
  • No dread- 8 second bursts are totally do-able but really got my heart rate up! 
  • The 12 second rests were not overly long- some of the 12 seconds is used to set up for the next move (I really like that!)
  • I can really see that these could produce results for me since they are quite different from anything Ive got.
Other Thoughts:
  • My rotation plan is to do 2 Firm Express w/o's per day 6 days a week. 5 days a week I will add on 20 min of something else. This is the same total # of minutes Im currently working out so that wont change.
  • As I already mentioned- the set comes w/ a nice detailed meal plan including recipes, calorie counts, and lots of options. I wont follow the plan exactly but will incorporate some recipes & ideas into my current plan (based off the old Firm 14 Day Diet)
  • Obviously this is a bad week to start (hello Christmas!) so my eating wont be good- guaranteed. We will see what happens.
  • I plan to take "before" and "after" photos (in the same outfit!) and measure tonight but probably wont post the pics LOL. No-one needs to see me in a sports bra & shorts hehe


  1. I am so intrigued by these workouts! Can't wait to read your reviews and hear about your results!


  2. Lindsey - You are so lucky to have the Firm Express to review! Can't wait to read all about them! Your rotation sounds very sensible. Please keep us posted on your results...

  3. Thanks for letting my know about the Firm Express, the more I hear about it, the more tempted I am to buy it. Not that I need anymore dvds!

  4. I was thinking of ordering this but I noticed in yours and another review they are talking about doing two at at time. My reason for ordering is the advertised 20min workout, 3 days per week. I can workout more days per week but really can't do more than 30 min in the morning on my schedule. Are they really not effective as advertised for only 20 min, 3 days weekly? I thought the higher intensity made up the difference.

  5. For me- I work out 60 min per day, always have. So I combined 2 FE workouts to help fill my hour. My body is accustomed to the 60 min. If your time allows 30 min per day, then thats fine and Im sure you will have great results. Each w/o is a good 20 min sweat and you'll burn lots of calories. Follow a good eating plan no matter how many minutes per day you workout and you will def have good results. The FE w/o's provide a lot of bang for your 20 min buck, are fun, unique, and the time flys by. I think youll like them! Feel free to email me if you have any questions :) lindseylu8 at netzero dot net